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  1. Why does He say that He’s our bridegroom when we’re His body? Jesus is the head of the church; we’re the church. How can we be His body AND the bride? How can the head marry the body when it’s already joined to it? Rev 21:2, 9-11 plainly states that New Jerusalem is the bride of the Lamb, Who is Jesus. If we the church are to simultaneously be body and bride, I haven’t found any scriptures to back it up. In Rev 22:17a, the Spirit and the bride say, “come.” No bride (in the history of the world) has ever invited herself to her own wedding and marriage supper. The bride of the Lamb is a subject Christians don’t agree on. If you know of 2 or 3 scriptures proving that we’re His bride please provide it. I’m not being contentious. It doesn’t make sense to me. I often hear godly people agree we’re the body of Christ then minutes later claim that we’re the bride of the Lamb as if there were 2 different entities. Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Being royalty, He has many titles.

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