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Be on Your Guard Against Deception — 4 Comments

  1. There is so much deception around us and even in the church. Dark days are definitely ahead, but God will see us through if we put our trust in Him. But it is going to be more and more important to know His voice and Spirit and not be misled by those things we hear online, even though we may think they are true; check it with your Spirit. And lean not on our own understanding; that’s where we all tend to fail…

  2. One man in a high place pretending to be one thing in particular said: If you want to know what I’m going to do read the Bible. Well it turns out we were deceived by words first then actions and now conservatives want him out for dishonoring his word.  Something strange is going on with this man? He did the total opposite of what we never thought he would do sent a billion to another country gave us no border closure.  So your message is so important that we can easily be deceived just because they talk but don’t walk the talk. No one really knew this person he sat in the back quietly serving. The devil doesn’t have crooked horns and a long tail with a pitch fork. He can look like a nice dressed man with glasses and smile a lot and even pray a few times. Yes everyone pray for discernment. Thank you for writing this to remind us all to pray and really tune in and listen to the Holy Spirit. So many things going on behind the scenes people don’t even know.

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