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Turbulence is Coming — A Take Over! — 10 Comments

  1. “PRAY against these things that they would be caught in the act and plans destroyed”. AMEN the POWER OF REPENTANCE AND PRAYER. PRAYER IS FOR ALL! TIME for ALL our inane, inept, ineffectual dead leadership in our pulpits rise up to occassion and set aside ALL their dead methods and dead programs and make God’s House a HOUSE OF PRAYER-Matthew 21:12-13. Psalms 11:3-5. IF, five women can change the course of England through the power of prayer “Power of the Blood” by H.A. Maxwell Whyte! TIME TO ARISE AND DO THE SAME and where are the Godly/Holy men/women to do such? Praying for Jehu’s, Deborah’s, Jaels, Esther’s, Elijah/Elisha’s; Daniel etc. types

  2. Yes! I totally agree with you. I hope and pray God will overturn this turbulent period through his chosen people. Thanks Priscilla

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