Be Radical


“I want you to know beloveds how much I appreciate your love and kindness, your worship and praise to Me.  I am enthralled with My bride, and I am longing to be with you.  I am preparing to pour out more wine on the lees, and I need you to draw near, from the bustle and the crowd more.  To have more communion with Me.  I am not in need as much as you are.  I am not bereft of worship, but I so want you to know Me more, and to have more of all I have for you.

The world is tumbling into times of hardship without realizing how far they have fallen.  The networks have been built and the web has been spun, but I have surprises for everyone.  Are you full of courage beloveds ?  Do you feel ready for battle royal?  For I have a great army ready to uphold you in this hour and to lead you.  But you must go by MY BATTLE ORDERS, and not your own.  I don’t need any rogue generals.  I need those who will follow MY ORDERS.

There are more uncoverings coming that will bring much disillusion to the masses, for My intention is to thwart and to undo the great web that they have built.  Remember that clay and iron don’t mingle.  Remember that this last kingdom they are building is made of iron and clay.  Remember I told you there are many antichrists in this hour.  They are in conflict and blind to their own condition so they don’t even detect the betrayal in their own ranks.

I will destroy the pride and the arrogance of the haughty.  So keep low beloveds and keep up the worship that brings presence !  For I AM WITH YOU and nothing can move me away from your side.  I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.  Keep your eyes stayed on ME !  Keep your ears tuned into My frequency, for I am also uncovering secrets and directions that will help you through all this that is ahead.  But you can’t hear if you’re too busy, too occupied with the things of this world.  STAY LOW.  Keep your ears and eyes on ME.

Speak MY WORD with authority and mean it when you say it.  If you will just start DOING IT, it will give you more confidence in the doing of it.  It’s as ineffective as the enemy would have you think.  It’s not about you.  It’s about My KINGDOM advancing. I said that seed time and harvest would not end till I come.  I said that the increase of My Kingdom would never end !  Do you believe it ?  I win.

Luke 1:32-33 NKJV   “He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Highest; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David.  And He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and of His kingdom there will be no end.”

Many things on earth will be divided, but you and I beloveds will never be divided !  I am here till the end I have told you.  I will never abandon you.  Don’t rely on soley your feelings.  I AM WITH YOU.  I will fight beside you.  If you ask for courage, I will not disappoint you.  I have been pruning and testing, I have been shaping and reshaping, building and rebuilding your lives to prepare you for this moment in time.  Though you may feel unready for what you are anticipating coming, I assure you, that I am making all ready.  Some are ready and waiting for others to get to the place they need to be.

Others are still in process but all will be ready in My time.  Do not look at each other’s weapons.  I have assigned many different weapons for this hour.  What one uses, another may not have, but you all have a variety of effective tools that you are skilled in using.  I have not called you to envy or jealousy.  Appreciate your differences.  For I have made you all different as the species of plants in the earth, so you are different from each other.  I am a God of diversity. I am not limited by your limitations either.

I will connect you with others with different tools, that together you will be so effective in bringing down the darkness.  The darkness thinks it is winning.  The darkness doesn’t see it’s end.  But I SEE the beginning from the end, and I am not limited.  SPEAK the WORD WITH CONFIDENCE in it’s ability to be heard and it will not return void !  Fill the earth with the sounds of WORSHIP !  Be radical in worshipping ME and I will do radical things in you !  It will seem as though the darkness is winning for a time.  But the sounds of worship, and the cries of My beloveds for the spirit of JUSTICE, and the spirit of BURNING will be answered.  I will guide you into prayer that is effective through the worship.  Be not afraid, for I am with you always, I said, even to the end of all time.”


image iconThis original article was written by:
of Upstream Ministries,

August 9, 2012




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