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  1. I believe you are spot on with regard to the “organized” church, but the true church, the body, has not been silent or silenced. It is primarily this true church that has been the voice of resistance, calling out corruption and perversion, pushing against the indoctrination of our children, refusing to follow illegal government dictates and praying in the will of GOD. Oddly enough, this is happening almost completely outside the walls of “church” falsely so called.

  2. The Lord Jesus showed how to create a church.  He demonstrated the power of God, he taught relationship with our Heavenly Father. he asked no money, he gave himself.  The Lord had an earthly church of thousands.  All with no building, no money.  The next revival will be those who minister as Jesus did.

  3. Amen brother! The Bride is still in Preparation Time! Rev 19:7-8; Ps 45:10-17; Eph 3:16-21; Eph 4(13); Eph 5:24-27,32; 2Cor 3:18


    Compare Rev 3:7-13 Church in Philos Adelphos to Rev 3:14-22 Church in Laos Dike


    Rev 12:1-17

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