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Your Praise is The Holy Spirit Override! — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you sister Deborah W. Fry;
    Loved reading this today. And will share plenty too.
    Was trying to find a signature from the Father, Lord Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

  2. If I am not feeling truth and spirit but praiseing is not it hipocracy? Should not I complain honestly on my knee rather than praising with pharsee in hypocrisy?

    • We have just to talk with Him from our hearts (He Is The One That Knows the thoughts and attitudes of our hearts). He is merciful and understand, and will Help us; we listen Him with our hearts and let Him work on us.
      We have to look ahead (and not stay weeping); we need to walk, with Him, trusting on our High Priest (Hebrews 4:15-16); we are covered by the blood of the son, and His mercies are renewed everyday.
      Just keep running the race, looking for the prize. Don’t look back, to the enemy (let those obstacles on the way in the past).

      Let His Spirit raise you up TODAY (today is the right day, always). Just try:

      Passion – Raise A Hallelujah (Live From Passion 2020) ft. Brett Younker

      Listen, sing, rejoice, as Him said to do.
      One time, two times, three times… just perceive the enemy fall from the wall.

      His Grace and Peace to you!

    • God loves it when we praise Him even when we don’t feel like it. He doesn’t mind the complaints either, but praise should come first. May He bless and favor you today!

    • no Shailendra it is not hipocracy at all….it is simply obeying him in what he is asking of us to do…to praise him even when we do not understand….or are having a hard time believing..you are simply saying Lord I dont understand but I am going to praise you anywayfor who you are forwhat you did on the cross even if I am doubting….it is called a sacrifice of praise even if I dont want to do it or do not feel like it….I am doing it out of obedience to your word….He will greatly honor that sacrifice….it will sometimes be the best praise you will offersimply out of sacrifice and obedience .amen

  3. that is such a true and amen word Deborah…..it never fails every time I PRAISE the Lord problems seem to disappeear…it is saying I trust you Lord no matter what my natural eyes see….it truly works amen and thank you for this post

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