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  1. Well Deborah, there is deeper scientific confirmation because we don’t origin from plants. Jesus came “through blood and water”, water in hebrew (mayim)is “semen” which is human seeds. He came through a woman,the woman’s ovaries looks like grapes and she has two XX chomosomes (the seed of the woman) and the male has one X, this is the biological ” cross” we carry, the blood of Jesus. Thr other cross is spiritual dying dom self through obedience. But the biological X is how He came in the flesh like all of us.

    But this is not enough because when the woman’s seed is ready for fertilization it looks exactly as a lunar eclipse, so here we have the explanation of “the moon turning in blood before the Day of the Lord”.
    It is also a confirmation when it says that He has put the small light(this invisible human blood moon) for seasions, because we call the period of fertilization for season.

    He speaks of His creation in His Word, that is why it is THE Book of Life, not a ” History Book”.

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