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You Must Try the Spirits With All of Us, Not Part — 4 Comments

  1. I agree with this word, but would say that the application of Jeremiah 14, particularly of the words “pray not for this People”, should be said to be selective.  This os because there are still people in America to be saved and in the process of being saved, and because the blessings – as well as the “woes to” – in the Sermon on the Mount still apply to Americans. 

    Although Lord’s people have always been a remnant, I do not believe that America nor any other nation has ever been a chosen nation in the sense that Israel was, because under the New Covenant the whole global Body of Christ – both Jew and Gentile – is the holy nation.

    • @ Mark Roberts Thank you for your input always! I don’t believe the verse was referring to salvation although. I never took it that way nor would never speak that. Praying for people and their salvation is so very important we both know! The verse was saying about not praying for their good. It was a people who went astray. My heart is broken for my Nation how they have for the main part followed baal. Also, I do most assuredly respect Israel and give seed there monthly. I only thank God, that the unnatural branch was grafted in! Always their will be a Holy Remnant from all Nations. A Holy Remnant will come forth and stand in truth and in Spirit. Again thank you and God bless.

      • Dear Sister Joyce, thank you for replying to me.  I continue to pray for America from the UK.  I had been encouraged that the Lord had raised up Donald Trump, but disappointed that not enough Christians – both there and here – seemed to realise this and so to get behind him.  I still believe that the Lord will reverse the injustice of his removal, although this may have served a greater purpose by exposing the depth of evil which has been at work in the world.

        • Yes, thank you Mark Roberts.I love how the Lord brings hidden things out of darkness! The righteous love that light. I don’t have a timeline but still know our God! The Lord has even spoke to me of a ‘reprieve’. How long is that for? It may just be very short ?? Still the Lord will see us through All things in any direction. So many are going about still not repenting and thinking sin is ok. I believe your heart is like mine and some others to just keep your focus on Jesus Christ. We must work while it is still daytime. Too much debate and that is what the enemy desires. Too much politics. God bless your country to turn to God. I only know the remnant will always want truth.

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