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  1. Thanks for sharing your dream. I have definitely been wrestling with the enemy in my dreams and sleep. It can be very overwhelming. But I’m thankful that the Spirit of God is always amongst us.

  2. Thanks so much Jo Ellen for that great word. didn’t know about assassination attempt but I am in a long fast and for the last few days (esp today) has had no peace when praying for Trump or Lin Wood..esp Trump..I kept covering them with the blood of Jesus and the Lord said..hold that place. Surrounding with angelic hosts. Blessings, Sandi Holman

  3. We talk about this subject alot in our home. This is something first and foremost we pray against this evil plan! And yet we see it on the horizon! No one wants war, and we should not as Christians seek to do this, but I believe this is where compliance must stop! We must never let them do this, or we will be done as a nation!! God help us to know exactly what to do!

  4. Let GOD Arise ALL HIS enemies be Scattered! Father thank you for Your Word that Will always STAND! “Some trust in chariots, … Some people trust the power of chariots or horses, but we TRUST you, LORD God. … O LORD, thou art our God; let not man prevail against thee.-” Psalms 20:7.  LET GOD BE TEUE AND EVERY MAN A LIAR! Thank You Lord that ALL Your Plans are PERFECT!

  5. Has this article been thoroughly checked for truth? I along with many others would really like to know. Does anyone know the truth?
    Please advise.

  6. Message continue…
    Then Trump by the mountain in suit said he is already finish, he is glorious, song on people friendship is no friendship Only Jesus friendship.
    Trump by mountain was joined by three under Jesus offices above him and a candle Infront of them Trump of left of candle and another person on right ( believe is Manasseh and Ephraim) then said ” The chosen one is finish.
    Also said ” everything is finish, pension is here, pension angels, teachers that is how they finish. Then also said ” Move of the Bride of Christ”,
    Then now we have defended, then that is their job, If Michigan is finish, it is just finish, there is a gallow.
    Later we have already retrenched, then how did indians come in?  End!

  7. I am in africa. I do not watch news! I am not a politician and have no interest in politics but just sharing this part of my journal after reading today 4/2/2021 about ” assassination attempt that failed on this same day”.

    Page 4285 – 4292 26/1/2021 journal
    Hear:”Jo biden is gone!, Israel has come. Then i heard I am a christian from the tribe of Judah i am not to be played with. Then replayed three eagles i heard earlier than this. Then a big gold wheel came by Benjamin gate surrounded by rainbow and by Dan gate came a bronze wheel an arrow was send to it said that one is from the tribe of judah, then they are deplored!, gone!
    Then Trump standing by Issaschar gate on his left an open coffin, in it Jo biden. Then told The Saviour! Decree me done! Then a light clear building came by Issachar, Trump by its open door with keys on both right and left hands then a beast from below the bronze wheel by Dan gate pass right infront of Trumps feet to west but did not touch him it fled. As it fled said NEBUCHADENZER IS DEAD!, YOUR HALELLUYAH HAS COME!
    Then it was said ” evening! You are finish!
    Those paedophilians are finish!
    I was led to Davids Altar Temple 1 Chronicles 21
    After read verses 5-10 heard: i am finish! Europe is finish! Later that is graduation, later the big room is finish, the big burden is lifted, later earthquake has now come, (in natural it suddenly thundered out of no where) then later hundred and two (102) , that catholic is finish, the flag is finish. Victor is finish!, New government, today it is finish, blood suckers are finish! We are harvesting now.  ….. Message continue

  8. Greetings from Sydney, Australia

    Gun related deaths per year by country:
    New Zealand 50
    United Kingdom 150
    Australia 250
    United States 40,000

    I suggest that removing guns from homes is not such a bad idea.

    • Once during Obama’s administration, what the LORD hadplay out in a public place, was 1. a nappy headed rebellious 20ish year old, who “opened the door,” 2. Afterwhich the couple, the Obamas, took center stage, 3. This was followed by a male and female, terrorist Muslims

    • With our current government, removing guns is a very bad and dangerous thing.  Check the populations of countries you mention and it will be clear why we have more gun deaths.  I’d list them for you but I’m not confident the numbers I just found from google are entirely accurate.  Also check gun deaths by registered and legal gun owners vs by criminals.  If they take our legally owned guns then only criminals will have guns.

      • UK – 67 million population
        USA – 331 million population

        I.e. the United States has 5 times more people, 267 times more gun deaths.

    • What about the murderous ammunition of hate and violence that is spewed daily from the media?
      The day guns are taken away in the USA, that is the day freedom will die around the world and the whole world will be like Australia where the government OWNS the people and DICTATES to the people

      • One of the best things our government did was to ban automatic weapons and greatly restrict gun ownership rights following a mass shooting in Tasmania in the 1990s. 

        Something that sensible US citizens call for, but are ignored, after every one of the all too frequent mass shootings you endure.

        I’m no fan of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, or government.  One thing he has got right was no suggesting that Covid will “just disappear” or that citizens should inject themselves with disinfectant.

        Covid deaths in the United States 456,000 and currently increasing by 5,000 a day. 
        Total Covid deaths in Australia, 909.

    • Well Abortion deaths supercede 40 000.Such a double standard “protection” of life if a baby who cannot speak for him or herself doesn’t have a right to protest his termination at birth……. Same blood thirsty demons of death by abortion “possess” people for more blood through guns.

      Guns are not the issue… It is a social decay issue. Unloved children, wrong relationship, sexual and gender disorientation promoted through false propaganda and brainwashing, illicit drugs sales and usage…. cartels from Mexico, affairs and cheating partners, promotion of Co-habitation and same sex marriages etc etc lead to a lot of gun deaths….. Most are not protection from criminals.. But family members, school mates turning guns on their loved ones.

      Let’s address the root core…. LACK OF BIBLICAL PRINCIPLES and JESUS CHRIST and the Spirit of the fear of God… Isaiah 11:2…. AMERICA ARISE AND EMBRACE GOD THROUGH JESUS CHRIST.

      • I agree with Edem. They are so many things wrong with parenting styles as well & that need to be corrected. Let parents in America train their kids well in God’s ways.  The Nation that chooses to forsake God is always destroyed from within first & followed by external enemies. Spiritually speaking, a lot is wrong with America as a Nation who was founded on Christ’s name but can’t be mentioned today. They should learn from Africa where guns are prohibited but we record more death rates more than America cause criminals who are unauthorized have guns & come to destroy communities. Americans should think twice before they prohibit guns from everyone.

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