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Yes! The Anointing! — 3 Comments

  1. Awesome truth and wisdom needed at this time. God bless you for sharing and ministering to me…… I will wait upon the Lord for his perfect will and timing. More grace and courage.

  2. Dearest brother in God’s vineyard, may our God enrich & empower you richly with heavenly wisdom & more anointing. The above words is just for me. Thanks

  3. Ty Hi,God bless you for your teaching! But,I must help everyone to interpret this correctly:

    “According to The Holy Spirit, a person should not be overseeing a ministry that has had more than one legal spouse”

    Because God’s Laws, contrary to human “laws” works automatically and cannot be changed depending on which moral that rules the society. This means that a “legal” spuse means that the human shall not have mixed themselves with any other species than another human(human bllod shall be shed only by human, dogs blood shall be shed only by dogs and so on).

    The human misunderstanding of what God means by marriage has caused incredibel suffering to children who has been condemned as “unclean” if they are not born according this religious understanding, because to God the true marriage is the conception. You cannot be “one flesh” because you are married, it is your children that shall become the “one flesh” if it is conceived according to God’s genetic laws.
    A “clean bed” is therefore the same as “unpolluted blood” which is not polluted from mixture between different species, any other breaking of the human marriage and the covenent between wife and husband may be immoral and wrong but THAT is not what God is speaking about.

    May this understanding be for the edifying of the Body of Christ Father, specifically in this time when the pollution of the blood through different techniques is imminent!

    Greetings and blessings marie andersson, sweden

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