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  1. Boots on the Ground became my life style and mind set from very early in my life .seem iv been in boot camp for 57 years in wait of this “season” Just Call me “GI JANE” so many sceans from that movie just ring in my life..Purging self pity and excuses out of my walk. The Look of Absolute determination on her face ..truly mirrors mine..My heart being pure and my hands clean remaining in my focus.While gripping on to His joy with both hands. You see iv always known i was not the center of the universe ..Keeping my face out of my mirror. I probably should rite a book on this .. Literally EVERY job iv had in my life….Started out as a trade of hard work for pay…ounce the favor over my life Mani ifested the greed,manipulation and deceptions..controlling ,thievery ensued..and .this present job ?..the owner is actually using intimidation, out rite hatred …Just makes me smile.. Which, is if you knew me… And The determination and confidence in my authority and Pistes Father has been cultivating in me. Truly Would send a team of NAVY SEALS. RUNNING CALLING to THEIR MOMAS ! Whatever im in training for, the armor is in place and set like iron.. And my feet are planted like and 1000 year old oak tree… To God be the glory!!  Boots on the ground in Pitts.Pa. Ooooh Raaa ! to my brothers and sisters .

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