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Prophecy Update: 2020 — The Year of The Sword — 5 Comments

  1. I needed to hear this truth at this time when there are so many differing voices. Thank you! Thank you Lord Jesus! I have a question if anyone can give me an answer about the vaccine. I now have two daughters in the nursing profession who have taken one shot of the vaccine within this week. I know it isn’t the mark of the beast this time but can repenting and following the Lord afterwards save them now? Please help. I need to tell them the truth.

  2. Re Ancestry.com and the alike, I believe they are seeking out Jewish ancestry.  Do not be deceived my friend.  The enemy hates the Jews!  The enemy also hates JESUS and JESUS came with Jewish DNA.  Hmmmm…..watching & praying.

    in the meantime, you will not believe how I found your channel.  I was listening to another YT channel family (I think it was either Steve Fletcher 222 or Tim Henderson, I believe), but nonetheless a commentor posted this Link in his/her (don’t remember who it was) Reply and URGED us to watch this video!  Now here’s the interesting part….just before coming to check on my YT family, I was in the Word and although I wanted to go back to my studies in the Book of Revelation, the LORD directed me to the Book of Jude (which I had just read a week or two ago), and when the Holy Spirit whispered I hearkened and turned back to the Book of Jude…again.  Well, here goes the amazement of the Holy Spirit indwelling in us…while reading the Book of Jude…once again, one of the Scriptures referenced Matthew 13, so after finishing Jude I turned to Matthew 13 and read through the end of that chapter, and then came to my YT channel families and that’s when I read the commentor urging everyone to listen to this Video, and so I went.  You can imagine my amazement when this Video started and you began at Matthew 13!  Yes, GOD is with us and this Video and your next (Part 2) is also amazing because the Spirit within me is in agreement with everything the Spirit within you is sharing.  Confirmation of His Coming soon!  He is separating the Wheat from the Tares!  Praise JESUS!  ALL GLORY TO GOD!!!  Maranatha, Come Lord JESUS!  Your BRIDE is ready!

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