Bow, don’t Run!!  An End Time Prophetic Word for 2012



Prophet Ian Johnson gives his Prophetic Word from the Lord for 2012:

Bow, don’t Run!!



 A Transcript of New Zealand Prophet, Ian Johnson’s Prophetic Word from the Lord:

The Holy Spirit was just speaking to me about 2012.  12 is like a governmental thing.  The Lord was just speaking – he woke me up the other morning and he started to speak to me about the generations of 12.  When 12, have been very significant in history and it wasn’t necessarily 12AD, but it was 4012 in the Jewish calendar when Jesus went and confounded the wisdom of the wise, of the councillors in the temple.

About 1012, the Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church were splitting.      Around about 1512 there was a reformation going on in the church.  1512-1517/8 – I know it was 1520 when he nailed it on the door, but in 1512 there was a reformation going on in the Church.

I believe we are in a collision again, of Reformation.  The Holy Spirit has spoken very clearly to me as I was sitting just here and I don’t know what it is, for He would not give me anything.  He said, just as you speak, I’ll give it to you.  So if it seems a bit raw, it’s because it’s His fault :)

Well, I felt him saying that – he gave me a picture for Queen Elizabeth actually when she came to New Zealand.  I think it was the end of – I wasn’t born – 1953 and early 1954  (because it was the Tangiwai disaster which was 1953), was when she was here.  The Holy Spirit has just shown me the crowds that came out to see her.  And people who had forgotten that they were even royalist  came out and waved flags.  They clapped and they cheered.  They were hoping that the Queen would look at their little baby who would remind them of Princess Ann or Prince Charles, who were born at the time.  Because that is what people did, in those times.  And she’s thinking “Ohh! there’s a baby who’s like mine,” the Queen would say.

Well, what’s all this about?  Well I believe, its, its what’s about to happen.  I believe were in a Collision.  I think last year I talked about that we are coming  into a point of alignment, and boy have we had some aligning in 2011!  If you haven’t, well, you’d better catch up quick.  For we’re about to have a collision, for when there’s an aligning and the tracks line up, we’re in a collision mode.  And my catch phrase, if you like, for 2012 has been “Bow Before the Throne, or Get Run Over.”

And I really believe that strongly.  I believe that ‘Government’ means bowing.  And the best place before god is down low.  And have discovered in my life, that through kicking and squealing like a pig, that the best thing to do when God is on your case is to get down low.  And this is a Word.  The Word of the Lords says that even although darkness is invading the earth, that light shines well in the darkness.  And that around you, you are going to see stuff happening.  The darkness is not gonna get any better, its gonna get worse.  But the light is gonna get more powerful because we are entering into a season of Government.

We are entering into a season when the Throne is here.  Now, I’ve got some that I’m saying that people can either, you know, you can judge what I say, as being of God, or you can think that that guy’s completely off his rocker.  Which is possible :)  [laugh]  But I believe that we’re in more than a collision of a new year, we’re in a collision of calendars.  I won’t talk about the Mayan calendar.

I’m talking about a collision of calendars, because actually, which you may not be aware that the Jewish year,  according to the Sedat Alom(?), which in the Jewish deal is 5772.  But the Encyclopedia Judea will tell you that the Hebrew calendar is out: 240 years in fact.  And they did that to make certain Messiahs fit.  As Jesus is the only one who fits the original calendar.  He was born in the Jewish year 4,000.  But when He was born…,  so what am I saying that there is 240 years missing!  Do the sums.  I’ve been confused for some time, I’m thinking: we’re further on ahead than that!  By 240 years.  When you look at the Hebrew calendar its 5772:  it’s like its 234 or something, you know, until it is 6,000 which is Rest, yet I’m feeling that the Holy Spirit is saying that we’re coming into the season –  we’re in rest actually, we’re not coming into it.  We’ve declared Rest.  Holy Ghost has declared Rest.

You might have noticed the language change about 1997-1998.  Well, that is when the year 6,000 ticked over, in the real Hebrew calendar.  I can prove all this.  It’s now the year, 2012!  We have just had a collision; the Gregorian Calendar and the Hebrew calendar.  We are now in Government.  We are now in Hebrew Government, we are now in Gentile Government.  We are now in the one new man Yeshua Government.  We are in a season when God is bringing His throne on His shoulders.  You are His shoulders! – you are His body!  You are His body!  And so, where you like it or not – the throne is going to land on you.

And I have already seen it this year that ministries are either coming into align with the Spirit of God, they are starting to flourish like they have never done before.  Or unfortunately, I have seen some ministries falling over.  Don’t be surprised.  Because that is what Government does.

When the government is established, things change!  You know, the Reformation came in – and things changed.  You know the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church split in 1025 it was, but it was already happening in 1012, there was a rift, I can assure you, and things changed.  And things are about to change again.  For the good, for you, who love Christ!  For the world, it’s gonna be a tough, tough time.  It’s gonna cause people, when the King is seen, on His throne, it’s gonna cause people coming out with flags and waving them.  They’re gonna cheer, and remember that they’re royalists after all.  There is a scripture in Psalm 27, it talks about “the end of earth will remember…”  And I believe that is just not the ends of the earth – it is the whole earth, that are about to wake up, and come out waving flags and cheering, and bringing their babies out, just in case they look like Jesus.  Because the King is coming to rule and reign!  And I, and I, this is a serious thing….  It’s exciting.. but it’s serious.  But now, if we are truly in the year 6,012  then we have already entered the Rest of God.  We are in the seventh (7th) year.  We have already entered the Rest of God.
I believe, beyond a shadow of doubt, it’s not about what I can do for God, or you know, what anybody else in this room can do for God.  It is about how much we can lay down, that God can do through us.  This is a season of Rest, but Rest doesn’t mean doing nothing.  Rest is actually being released into His works.  Rest is being released into His glory.  It’s like making Jesus famous.  I’m prepared to announce that the end of the one-man-band is over.  We’ve been sort of talking about it for a while and I’m declaring it!  It’s over!

If you can’t remember my name – or what I’m doing –  I don’t really care!   As long as you remember that Jesus is the King!  As long as you remember that He rules and reigns on a throne.  As long as you remember that it is time to run outside of your house with flags, cheering and waving, for the King is on His way!  And I made this declaration in a conference in Hastings, and I surprised myself, because it wasn’t really me, and I said “If you really want to know the truth, we are already in the millennium.    It is just that we are not in the millennial reign yet.  We are in the year 6,012 and we’re already, living in the season of when God rests.  So we rest, we are in a Shevat.  But the truth is, He is on the way!

And I got confused for a little while and I thought, how is this possible?  How is it possible that we are already in the millennium.   Because I preached it and I had to come up with a “How is it possible?”  And it is possible, because Jesus was born on the year 4,000, but the purpose for Jesus being born was not established in the year 4,000.  Well, the purpose in heaven was.  But it wasn’t manifest on earth, was it?  Until 33.5AD, then it was manifest, the purpose of God had changed the rules.  And I believe that is what we are in right now.  And in the same way that Jesus appeared, to the religious when He was 12 years old, I believe that He is about to appear to the religious again, through you.  And you begin to speak things and they begin to say, “Isn’t that little Timmy Stevens from ….  How is it that he’s got such wisdom?”   Well, it’s not his actually, for he has actually learnt that when the throne arrives you lie down because you don’t want to get run over.  Remember the catchword for 2012? – you know!  Lie down or get run over!  So the throne is here.  The throne is here and God is establishing a purpose.  But what does that actually look like?  You know, we can talk airy-fairy things as prophetic people, but what does it actually look like?

Well, actually I think what it looks like is that people are suddenly gonna wake up in their beds, in New Zealand, in this season, because there is an atmosphere of the King.  There is an excitement of the King.  It’s already happening.  You know in my life, I’m meeting people all over the place who are suddenly remembering that they are spiritual.  I’m meeting people who are suddenly remembering, that oh well, I do believe in God. And there is something in the atmosphere right now.  What does that look like?  That looks like Harvest.  And so, there’s two things, it’s like it’s there’s – no, there’s more than that – let me get my notes I scribbled down.   [chat omitted]  OK!

Things that I’ll declare.  I’m gonna declare something, because I love declaring. So I’m declaring a collision of Calendars.  Your works bowing before His works.  Your thought bowing before His thoughts.  Your actions bowing before His actions.  How famous you are, bowing before His fame.  That is the season we are in!  We are in a season of collision.  And so the best thing to do, is lay down flat.  Because the throne is coming.  What you used to get away with, you know, being famous, or whatever, five years ago, is not gonna happen now.  Because His fame is about to be heard on all the earth.  Because that’s what the Word of God says.  It’s about His fame.

You see, Jesus didn’t come in order to just to get a bunch of winging  nearly getting here Christians with their hands going down the blackboard making squeaky noises, just getting into heaven by the skin of their teeth!  Just getting into heaven by the skin of your teeth, He didn’t come for that!  He came to establish a Kingdom.  He came to establish a Kingdom and if there is a Kingdom there is a throne.  And if there is a throne, there is a King.  and that is what the Church  is really meant to be about.  We’re not, the Church is not, the Kingdom.  We are, the Church is, part of the Kingdom.  And what should happen in Church?  The throne will be right in the middle.

What should happen in your ministry?  The throne should be right in the middle.  and if it is not, get down low for it is about to establish itself in the middle.  It will run you over, on the way through.  That is what happened on the day of Pentecost, they got run over by the throne.  That’s another message altogether.  They got run over by the throne.  So there is a collision.

The first thing is there is a collision.  The second thing is there is a Reign about to happen.  Now, when He does dome to reign, He’s gonna catch all you folks who are here and alive, up to be with Him.  And He is gonna bring all the folks who are not actually dead at all, but are with Him, they’re gonna come back with Him.  And so there’s be this huge collision in the sky.  I don’t think it’s quite yet, but the fact is, we’re in that season.  We’re already – get this in your head – you might say prove it – and I say well I can if you really wanna sit down with me for two hours I’ll run through the Jewish calendar and I’ll tell you where they ran through every year that they stole, in order to make people like Simon bar Kochba, look like a messiah when he was years out.  Because he could never be the Messiah because the only one who can, and who filled it, was Yeshua.  So there is a King coming to reign.   Collision! then Reign!

And the last thing you’re .. I’m gonna leave you with, because I am running out of time, and I’m running out of things to say as well.  (Laughter)

So, I’m declaring a Collision.  I’m declaring a season of Reigning with Him. You’re reigning with Him.  You’re reigning with Him!  See, down low, you’re reigning with Him. You’re reigning with Him. did you get it?  You need to get this!!  You’re reigning with Him!!  OK?

And so, the last thing I need to say is that we’re in entering – NO, gotta stop this language.  Gotta change my language for this season!  WE are in RESTThe Rest of GodWe are in the millennium.  We are just not in the Millennial Reign.  That makes so much sense to me.  See, how cunning is God?  I just love God.  I just love the way He sneaks up.  People have got all these dates pinpointed and then, and God comes along and says, “What?”  Because it doesn’t fit His calendar, but I…  So, I’m not saying that in the year 2033 that Jesus was coming back, for that would not fit.  That would fit the first occurrence, whether it’s a mirror or not, it’s his business.  But what I am saying, is that we are already in the season of Rest.  When means, as it said in the Book of Hebrews,  we need to step into the Rest.  We need to step into Jesus.  We need to step into Him and you watch the power of God.  When you step into Him, you watch the healings flow.  When you step inside of Him you watch the Glory flow.  When you step into Him and you become invisible inside of Him, anything is possible.  I love what Joshua Mills says all the time – “anything can happen and it probably will!”  That’s Joshua Mill’s favourite saying. Anything can happen and it probably will!.

So I make that declaration, that anything can happen in 2012, and it probably will.  Because we are entering into a season of Government.

Now, I just need to finish by saying, the other thing is that: Bow, don’t Run!    This is a Word from God, right here.  I have seen it already in the year and we’re not even a month into the year and I’ve seen people running already.  Bow, don’t Run!    This is serious one!  It sounds funny but it is a serious Word.  Because, when the pressure come on and you don’t know what God is doing, the temptation is to run.  Holy Ghost says “Bow, don’t Run!”     Get down low!  That is where Jesus came, He came all low in order to save.  If it is good enough for the Boss, it’s good enough for me.



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  2. Would it be possible to provide a transcription of this YOU Tube clip?
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    • Dear Candace,
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