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Breathe in My Spirit! — 5 Comments

  1. I receive this beautiful word this day Abba Father!! Thank You!!
    Thank you and God bless you dear beautiful lady!! :)

  2. Today I saw a small but precious sign for this NEW life, a tiny but strong sign. In the staircase stands one green flower stem from my son, he gave it to me last winter. I rescued this plant and last Spring it was better than ever before. Until some hidden forces have cut sharp into the big leaves and even into the stem…. A hard attack, even a kind of heart attack to this plant was done. It was obvious – this was not by accident. Over some wounds then by nature was laid a crust during the past months. I thought, this poor / pure flower must get a chance to survive, though it looked naked and a little scary. Today I noticed a 1 millimeter NEW GREEN and the crust could be easy put away. Though it looked so dead, NEW LIFE was and is in it ! The plant never was dead. Sometimes I wanted to get rid of this bad sign in the staircase. Neighbours wanted to get rid of it, for “fire alarm reasons”. It does not need much space, I placed it in a corner, everyone can walk without hindrance through the house.
    GOD has not given up on this plant. It never was dead. Thank you for your powerful encouragement, dear sister ! I treasure them all. With love, M.

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