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  1. Good morning Woman of God I receive this word This is a Rhema word indeed. I was wondering what I was going through all these Unexplatable thanks in my life.. Now I see And there has been Clarity and there has been closure now. Everything that was spoken was Directly from God. Thank you For this timely word this this is a keeper This goes to the archives of my heart. This word is rich I will go back to it when I need to review it Again and again and again. Thank you for your obedience as the men of old wrote as the Holy Ghost spoke.. There’s so much in this word it speaks volumes once again thank you

  2. Good words sister. Some years ago I said you and I would be friends it looks to me like we are still set on a course to do so.
    Some things just take awhile to come in focus kinda of like what our great God and father is really doing through the Donal as a trumpet. Soon the few in the true church will rise up and do what the many who were sleeping were not able to do. It is not just the government that has been compromised the church in America has many problems also. Another sign is coming to rescue the trumpet. No man or woman can nor will stay the mighty hand of God and so it will be directly.

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