A Prayer for a Broken Spirit


In Luke 4:18-19 Jesus told us in His own words “The Spirit of the Lord is on Me; because of this He has anointed Me to proclaim the Gospel to the poor. He has sent me to heal the broken-hearted…” The Lord here is promising healing to the broken-hearted.  It is not only possible, it is promised.

The question is, how do we recognise the broken spirit, the broken-hearted?  There are many signs, here are nine:

Unstable Emotions:  From moment to moment the person’s mood can change for no apparent reason.  This is not the way we are meant to be, as Nehemiah 8:10 says “For this day is holy to our LORD.  And do not be sorry, for the joy of Jehovah is your strength.” This is how we are meant to live – with the joy of the Lord.

No Emotions:  At the other end of experiencing irrational mood swings, a state of no-emotions can occur.  The person never gets angry, no matter what. This is not biblical either.  Ephesians 4:26 warns us “Don’t get so angry that you sin.” Not is does not say “do not get angry” but rather “do not get so angry.”  A lack of anger is a sign of a broken spirit.

A Negative Attitude:  No matter what happens, the person has a negative attitude.

Constant Defensiveness:  No matter what you say, the person is defensive and interprets your comments or questions as a possible attack on them.

Low Self Esteem:  Proverbs 16:18 warns that Too much pride will destroy you.” But low self esteem is not the answer.  Instead of thinking too highly of themselves, they think “I am not worthy” or “I shall amount to nothing, there is no point in even trying.”

Easily Offended:  The broken in spirit tend to be easily offended, even to the point of seeking out situations in which offence can be taken.

Extreme Possessiveness:  The broken in spirit tend demonstrate being fearful of losing the ones or the things which makes them comfortable, by being over-possessive.  Unfortunately, in this over-possessiveness drives away those whom they wish to be close with.

Critical Nature:  Gossip, slander and constant criticism tend to pour from a person with a broken spirit as they become more and more overly critical of all about them.  The more they make matters worse for others, the more they feel better about themselves by comparison.

No Visible Fruit:  The broken in spirit tend to show no Fruit of the Spirit, no matter how long they have been Christians.  The Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Heavenly Father,

Please release Your blessings to me now.  Wash me from the inside to the outside.  Father, I break the curse of low self-esteem.  I break the curse of rejections.  I break the curse of abuse.  I break the curse of mental torment.  I break the curse of not feeling as though I am good enough.  Father, I break the curses of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.  I break them right now in the name of Jesus.  From this day forward, I forbid Satan and his lies from taking root in my life.  Now, Lord, by Your Spirit, sweep across my life in diving healing.

I pray in the name of Jesus Christ, my Saviour.  Amen and Amen.

This prayer and the original teaching outline comes from the book by Pastor Larry Huch “Free at Last – Breaking Generational Curses.”

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The Book:- “Free At Last (Expanded W/ Study Guide On CD)image icon
by Pastor Larry Hutch.

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Larry Huch is the founder and senior pastor of DFW New Beginnings in Irving, Texas. Founded in November, 2004, this non-denominational church has quickly developed into a diverse, multi-ethnic congregation of several thousand people! Pastor Larry and his wife Tiz are driven by a passionate commitment to see people succeed in every area of life. That passion, along with their enthusiasm, genuine love for people, and effective teaching has fueled a ministry which spans over thirty years and two continents.


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