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Build A Wall of Intentional Resistance — 12 Comments

  1. Thank YOU LORD !!
    For this Powerful Encouraging
    Life Giving Word and more!!
    That YOU spoke thru
    YOUR Servant, Sandi, to
    Speak to us all .
    thank you, Sandi…
    this says so much..

    It’s one of those messages
    that to even comment on it
    can’t touch it so to speak.

  2. Sandi, this word is truly brought forth for the purpose of preparing God’s children for what is about to take place: A Great Awakening, not just for the lost, but for God’s children.
    It will change individuals, families, assemblies, in ways we never expected. And it all begins by faith. Faith in our hearts. And faith in every word that we speak. Thank God for this vital understanding.
    What comes out of our mouth creates…whether good or bad. God is pointing out something in this message that is very important: the power of life and death is in us, by what we speak from our heart!!!

    • Hello Nancy, You are so welcome. God is so good to reach every need in a special way. Have a blessed Christmas season, Sandi Holman

  3. Thank you Sandi! Once again the Lord has confirmed his Word to me, through you. MAY God continue to speak His love through your voice.

    • Hi VIcki, You are so welcome. I love when the Lord steps right in and gives confirmation to us. I love being a vessel to carry His heart and release what He shares with me. I also pray HE continues to speak His love through me and allow me to partake of His blessings to His body. God Richly bless you as we celebrate His life and birth, Sandi Holman

    • Hello Daniela, thanks so very much for your reception of His word and Agreement. So be IT! May He receive all the GLory, Sandi Holman

  4. Sandi, loved this word greeting me this morning. I receive and want to read again. It is a very strengthening word to me!

    Pulling out here: It only takes one person to start a fire,” says The LORD.“One person in one family can change the whole story of a family. I AM bringing oneness where there has been division,..”
    Let us choose always to be that one person. There could be more than one but noting the Father said it only ‘takes one.’
    The blood of Jesus still richly flows to save, heal and deliver! Love you sis.

    • Joyce, so happy you received and were strengthened. I too was strengthened as I received it. I am always so amazed when HE speaks to me about the power of ONE. Just stop and think about that. We are HIS voice. We are agreeing with HIM and it really is powerful when just one of us get into oneness with HIM. Thanks as always for your loving input, my sister. xoxo Sandi

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