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The Spirit of Truth Cannot Be Revealed if Not in Them! — 1 Comment

  1. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear beautiful sister Syreeta! I pray that you are doing well in Jesus Christ.

    This is so the “Truth”! When I realized that that I couldn’t be friend to the world – which caused me to be an enemy to God, I had to abandon and forsake the world, the desires of the flesh, being okay with not gaining popularity with the world to please the heavenly Father in Jesus Christ, my Bridegroom.

    Sweet and enticing words will lead one down the broad path of destruction, sounding soothing to the ears, but never reaches the heart, to provoke change – as speaking God’s Divine Word of Truth, which never returns void, but always accomplishing, especially when God backs his Word up – honoring his Word, in which is sent out with divine purpose, completing his Divine will. God bless you and I thank God for your platform presence and for posting with a humble heart and spirit.

    I can always get filled with God’s Truth, even if it convicts my spirit, it is for my spiritual health, to become stronger in Christ, so that my garments are washed daily, with taking accountability, examining myself, my heart and intensions with everything I commit myself to. God bless you, sister! I extend peace, love and blessings to you! I pray that you have a productive day in your walk with Jesus Christ.❤️

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