By the Moment Now


About 30 minutes ago I was standing praying with Celeste when I broke out weeping, I saw for a moment a very urgent warning, I felt an ominous feeling as if it something terrible happened.  Celeste saw it on my face and saw the tears.  I was shaken.  We have been trying to finish some things here on the house but have been all but stopped because we have heard so many things.  I had just moment before heard a word of warning about the earthquake coming to California and had placed it here on my profile…..  I was still shaken by the thought…

I must give you this word, I just received.  IT SHOOK ME:

Things are happening by the moment now, happening very quickly.  It is like the rain cloud raining, coming down.  See each drop fall, see each splat.  Each is a individual happening… now.

America has come so far now, there is no where for me to go; I am called to answer or watch many fall.  In the days ahead many will die, Oh, I see them falling, Oh what dread.  I have not wanted this, yet force me you have, forced for my name sake, forced for my People’s sake.  I must move now a Standard against evil in this Land.  Out of control they are and mincing as the go. I step in to Stop them; Stop them short of their plans.  I move to reveal them to every man.

Now is the Judgement falling, going before my final Judgments.  I now move to prepare men before the end.  Mercy is my reason, to have mercy upon men.  Because many, Oh so many, Do not even understand.  In dark places they will perish if I do not move to reveal to them the darkness they are in.

To all who have ears to hear let him hear.


Let me explain the RAIN CLOUDS RAINING spoken above.  Last year I had a vision of rain clouds in the distance and I saw streaks of rain coming down.  The streaks of rain turned to dotted lines, all in a row.  Each dotted line did explode or had a splash come up (like a drop of water in a Pond..  the water sprayed upward from the impact of the drop of water).  I than saw myself sitting at the computer typing as fast I could writing words and they were coming so fast I could not keep up….  and I said to the Lord…  PLEASE SLOW DOWN..  I CAN NOT KEEP UP.  As quickly as I saw this vision it ended.  I sat there knowing I had been warned of a coming time that things would happen so fast that I could not keep up.  This morning as I wrote this word, I knew that He was talking about that vision when he said “IT IS LIKE RAIN CLOUDS RAINING, COMING DOWN.”

May the Lord publish this word to accomplish His plans and warn people In the Name of Jesus Christ,

Prophet Ken Dewey

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Evangelist/Prophet/Pastor Ken Dewey is the founder of “OUT OF THE DESERT MINISTRIES” in Belen, New Mexico, USA. He writes on this Web Site, many Prophetic words, Sermons and teachings while leading people into true church settings and preaching in an End Time Gospel Tent Ministry.

Pophet Ken Dewey


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  1. Wow….God is a God of justice….you will not understand what impack these words have. I have been following your links for about 2 months now. We are in South Africa & I can tell you that God is moving all over. He have big plans I get so excited in my spirit when read all of this, its confirmation to us about what God have placed in our hearts. Brother you keep speaking what God tell you too. Blessings & hopefully we will meet in the air one day