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  1. With age comes wisdom usually earned from stumbling, falling, getting back up and unfortunately going around the same mountain more than once. My husband’s job is a stage on which the broken family lets us often see the results. From what I am seeing and hearing from today’s younger people their youth which is being played out on a lot of platforms often demonstrates a lack of the wisdom, understanding and knowledge that comes with age and reflects the sacrifices being in such an office of responsibility requires.

  2. The lady was mistaken. President Trump turned 76 on June 14,2022. (By the way his birthday is on Flag Day in the U.S.) He will be 78 if he wins the presidency again in 2024.

  3. Yes indeed!! Calebs and Cryuses and Davids take the mountains and President Donald Trump is a Caleb and a Cyrus and a David and a Nehemiah!!!

  4. Oh yes lord…the mountains of deception the mountain of war mungers the mountain of child trafficking the mountain of poneography the mountain of drug trafficking the mountain division…etc etc that are not of your kingdom Lord …. Let them be thrown into the ocean.
    The above ref mountains, I’ve had the word mountain stand out in the lyrics of a worship song a couple of weeks ago and I was prompted to speak it out….but doubt and nerves got to me and I didn’t do it..since then I seen the word mountain ref to a a few things…I was so pleased to read about Veronica ref to calib “ give me this mountain lord.
    That is so encouraging.

  5. WISDOM & EXPERIENCE trump youth anytime.
    I know because I am the same age as Trump and I walk in the Blessing of God.

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