Called Forth


God has a purpose in all things.  We often have a hard time seeing that or accepting it.  But one thing is sure, if we have asked God to take over our lives, to use us as He wishes, to go where He wants us to go, and say what He wants us to say, if we are sincere and real, He does just that.  He is in control; we are no longer trying to steer our own ship.  If it is true that God is in control of us, anyone else who tries to control us, just may find themselves trying to control God; the working of His Holy Spirit.

So many, do not want to refer back to the past; at all.  We don’t live there, but sometimes we have to look back, to remember when, where and how we were called.  Many of us, met at a particular time in life.  Not without good reason, we were sought and taught, many things.  A lot of chosen people, are realizing today, that they have been taught by the Spirit, for the time in which we now live.  If we knew what we might face down the road, it’s likely many of us would have withdrawn and ran the other way.  Some of us did.

Everything we saw and was exposed to, was for a reason.  I have to rush on now, to say that likely we didn’t know that we had been appointed for this time.  Especially, when we were told that God could only move in a certain way; that our ministry had to be well approved by men.  My friends and journeymen, we saw the things we saw; we heard the things we heard; we traveled down a long road we often didn’t understand; to stand here; now.  The Holy Ghost taught and led people, with full intentions of using them.

Some of us were in meetings and conferences, where some very vital things were spoken.  We didn’t realize then, that it was only for those who had an ear to listen.  Jesus said something that may not have entered deep enough into our spirits.  He said, that the Holy Ghost would bring back to our remembrance, the things that we had been taught; by the Spirit.

The Lord is doing that now; even as we speak.  Perhaps out of numerous thousands of people, you, were the one seated there at that time.  You will come forth; now.  But in the fear of the Lord, we must not move one inch, unless we are sure it is of the Holy Ghost.  Not one word, to be spoken, until then.

The Spirit, confirms things; in many ways.  We know it to be real, because no one else could possibly know where we are at this moment in our walk in the Spirit.  Those who choose to walk after the flesh, have no real clue of how the Spirit is ministering to those people who really want it.  They keep looking on the outside.  Don’t try to call anyone forth.  That’s not our place; only the Spirit, knows when it’s the time.

We need to encourage people to stand up in this hour, but only when it’s the Holy Ghost who is standing.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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