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Can I Depend on You in These Dark Days? — 4 Comments

  1. The battle rages for sure!!
    People don’t want to read the Word which is imperative in the transformation process. And so the enemy is playing kickball with their minds and emotions! I have a very dear friend I pray with on a weekly basis. I’ve noticed lately she’s been, once again, coming with the old prayers of desperation for approval and comfort from the dysfunctional people in her life…..I thought we’d moved beyond that. I sought the Lord for days concerning this issue before our prayer time and He told me she’s stopped renewing her mind so the enemy has taken the wheel. I questioned her about it and sure enough, she said the warfare is way too much to handle when she tries to partner with the Spirit in meditating on Truth!
    The focus of the enemy, because of the apathy, laziness and self pity of God’s people, is directed at the ones who won’t put down their tools or weapons used to build the wall!
    I trust He will get everyone there and that none will be missing just exactly like He said, but I’ve realized that tickling people’s ears is toxic. So we need to get up, grab our Tools and our Weapons and DO THE WORK!! And when we come together as One it will be a sight to behold!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!
    Thank You Abba Father!!

    • Well said, sister. And when those of us zealots have to pick up the slack because of our lazy siblings, we must not grow weary of doing good, for our Heavenly Father sees us and will reward us.

    • Me, myself have most certainly been in the place and position were your friend is at this moment. The LORD never lets go of us and of me. With great tenderness He taught me , moved me forward to the place I am now. He still is.We are all at different stages in our proces, but exactly were The LORD wants us to be. Believe it or not, but the LORD is keeping me away from almost everything except His Voice and guidance, to move when He moves and to speak what He wants me to speak.Also to NOT move, and to be silent. He kept me away from the news for years now and even from bible study. ONLY Him!

  2. The Lord said He is going to do something in our day that we would not believe even if we were told. This word you gave from the Lord sure gives us some good hints at what is coming.

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