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Decrees and Declarations for The Bride of Christ! (Updated) — 10 Comments

  1. “If any two or three agree…” I agree with everything you decreed and declared. It is all what is needed in preparation for what is coming. “We walk by faith and not by sight.” We take to heart the truth of God’s word, and we stand in the gap, unwavering. We take a stand, in our words and in our deeds. We know that “Jesus never fails.” This is an anointed word. This is a prophetic word. This is a rhema word!!! It comes alive.

    • Thank you dear Gerry for your input and agreement. I know it hit a home run with you for you to make a comment..xoxo Sandi

  2. Sandi, this is amazing! I had just written in my journal 3 days ago that I needed to write up a document of “decrees” to give, not only as warfare, but as a notice of renouncing strongholds that the enemy has over people who I know that are in bondage. This is perfect! And you actually highlighted the exact spirit that has been controlling a specific person! What an answer to prayer! Thank you Lord for the body of Christ,that you are unifying and mobilizing to use as you see fit! May the Lord continue to pour out on YOU Sandi! Hugs, Vicki, Arizona USA

    • Dear Vicki, So glad this answered a question and filled a need for you. I too, say Lord, please let me a carrier of your heart. He always answers our prayers. HE IS SO AMAZING, I agree totally. Make us one in unity all across your land. Hugs back to you in Arizona!! Sandi Holman

  3. Sandi, This is so good. The Lord has had me writing declarations and decree which I have posted on my Facebook for a while now and He has had me doing it every morning. There is such power in declaring and decreeing the Word of God. You know it’s interesting when I read your other word this morning, though, I had not yet responded, I looked at it and I said each one of those could also be decreed ,so I just love it Confirmation hallelujah. Again this is so good I love it. Love you sister Patricia. ❤️

    • As always my sister Patricia, we are in agreement and on the same page. I so love the power of agreement.It is so good to sing Hallelujah with you. Love you much, Sandi

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