Caution! Caution! Caution!


What follows is the word of the LORD for His people.  I advise that you read slowly and allow these words to be absorbed.  Not everyone who comes in the name of Jesus is truly His servant.  Test these words by the written word of God and by seeking the Holy Spirit.  To not do these things in this season is what I can only call folly.

Caution!  This generation has seen many teachings – some into the church.  Some of them have entered through divine revelation.  Others are the products of wishful thinking, fanciful imaginations and other demonic doctrines.  All of these are dangerous.  When someone establishes an idol in their heart they open themselves up to these things.  This is the hour for sound doctrine.  I will be moving in signs and wonders in ways that will boggle the human mind but even that cannot be the focus.  It is I who must be.  All other roads lead to deception.  My people need to know My word so they are able to properly test these things which are being spoken from the pulpits.  But since My people do not know My word, nor do they seek to study and approve, they are rife for deception from any doctrine that simply sounds good.

Those who seek first miracles, signs and wonders will be misled.  Know that many lying signs and wonders will be manifesting in the times which are to come.  These will be used to demonstrate My supposed approval.  But the ones who use these false signs, wonders and miracles will hide behind them.  They are liars and are speaking only lies.  They are a people who have given up the truth for a lies, should they have ever known the truth at all.

The false miracles are vanity.  Even they will believe themselves to be special.  They will gather large crowds both in and outside the church walls.  Their following will be great.  I AM nowhere among them.  They will speak My name in the way that one may wield a weapon but they do not know Me.

Be on guard.  These have slipped in among true believers and even now they are looking to make a name for themselves . As they ascend into the lofty positions which they vainly desire they will reveal themselves…  Yet it will only be apparent to the discerning.  Even amongst those there will be many who remain silent.  Fear will grip them tightly and rather than make a stand they will simply go along violating in their consciences all they know to be true.

Listen, son, Satan has been causing division in My people since the beginning.  Yet at the root where he brings division you will find the flesh (envy, jealousy, anger, revenge, ambition and many other things) My people who are moving according to My Spirit will look to gain nothing.  Their motives are pure.  Their desire is only for Me and for the welfare of My people.

Again I say, “Caution!”

Rightly discern those things which you will see.  You must know My written word and you must know the sound of My voice or you will be deceived.  Identify any unclean motives within you and repent of them so that you may be cleansed.  Do not allow anything to fester.  Clean the wound and tend to it early on so that it does not become infected and poison you.  Come before Me in Spirit and in Truth.  Invite Me to examine your heart so that I may reveal the impurities and cleanse you of them.  My people need not be afraid to allow Me to draw near unto them.  Rather, they need to be afraid that I will not.

Intimacy and relationship are the keys (to the kingdom).  When you know Me you also know what reflects Me; what is in My character and what is not.  When your spirit says it is not of Me you must validate with Me and then act.  Do not let fear keep you silent and therefore become complacent.  (The LORD is showing to me the great sins of our nation that entered by such a manner).

Say and do what is right.  I place a hedge of protection around those who honor Me.  Above all, put Me first in your life so that you are not deceived.

Again I say, “CAUTION!”  Those who are wise will recognize this and act accordingly.


~ Mitch Salmon

Mitch SalmonMitch Salmon fisher of men iconis the founder of Fisher of Men Productions and  a follower of Jesus Christ and proclaimer of the Good News – The Gospel of Christ Jesus!


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  1. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Two people can even be speaking the exact same words and because of the heart and ones true walk either Life or Death shall come out with these words. Either good morality or PURITY. Does one dwell in the good branches of the tree of knowledge or the tree of LIFE?