When The Real Prophets Speaks


While reading just now in the Book of Isaiah, I was struck once more with how God spoke so mightily through him.  In fact, I am in humbled awe of all of those Old Testament prophets; just how anointed they were and how powerful.  It’s beyond words, to describe some of the things they did; the very personal relationship they had with the Creator of all things. It may not set well with some, but the Holy Spirit of God, was well in operation, before many of our particular beliefs, say He was.

We’re not going to talk about the five-fold ministry, as so many of us call it; it would not do any good to most people.  When the church is hungry enough, when enough need for the operation of the Spirit is generated, the real thing will step forth.  I am reminded, when Elijah stood on the mount, two altars being built, and all of the false prophets were in attendance.  They screamed out, they called proudly upon their god; but their pride turned to panic.  They danced around, they cut themselves; what a pathetic mess it was.  Nobody answered them and nothing happened.  Simply, nothing.

The true prophet of God, prayed a prayer, and Fire, fell down from heaven.  Pray for me just now, because I did not know this was what I was going to be given here and now.  I would not attempt to hurt anyone about what they believe; even, about who they think they are in God’s order of things.  I hope I can say this easily.  All of these titles so many are using these days, doesn’t mean anything to God.  We can call ourselves anything we want; but, unless we have the demonstration and power of the Holy Ghost to back us up, we are only being self-proclaimers, and not real demonstrators.

Many feel, we are going to face some tough days ahead.  I don’t know any other way to say it, but there are some big devils loose.  It’s going to take a lot more than a title or a following, to deal with certain forces that are seeking to devour so many people.  Just because someone can scream, and shout loud and make all kinds of strong statements, doesn’t mean they are real, or that they are even anointed.  We could say more; but all of us, know exactly just what we are talking about.  Advertising who we are, does not make us what we claim to be.  The Holy Ghost, can tell the difference.

There were prophets in the OT, and in the NT.  Leadership can fight that if they want; but, they will not be able to hold back God’s people much longer.  The desire to be truly used by God, has a way of overpowering the fear of making a mistake, and the fear of also being rejected by those who wish to remain as they are.  If there are people who have been supernaturally called and chosen of the Spirit for this day and hour, they will begin to stand.  That thing which the Holy Ghost has placed in them, will become so strong, they will not be able to suppress it. It “will,” come forth.

When the heat gets hotter, and it will, those who are not genuine and have no real Power, will wither away; it will not stand.  There are false prophets everywhere today; unless they can demonstrate what they claim, and manifest the true fruit of the Spirit, people will turn from them.  The question is often asked, why has God allowed all of this mess we see and hear, to come about.  It’s so that when the real thing begins to happen, everyone, will then know the real difference.  Soon, darkness will begin doing mighty wonders and deeds; even miracles. The Angel of the Lord, is about to contend.


~ Robert Blackburn

Robert Blackburn Robert Blackburn



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