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  1. Pris, what an interesting post. It was such a picture of the very day in day out attacks we are experiencing but thanks be to GOD He is turning the tables. Merry Christmas, my friend. May this be your best year ever, my faithful sister. xoxo Sandi

  2. i love you all my sisters in Christ…….satan is throwing all he has at us all right now but all he has is not enough in comparison to our BIG GOD who is all powerful and almighty and an ever present help in the time of trouble…..and yes FEAR is satans game so let us not even walk down that path but walk on the path called TRUST..Gods path if we are on the fear path{satans path} we are prone to his attacks however if we remain on the TRUST path God is obligated by his word to keep us safe from all attacks of the enemy….on his path of trust and praise and worship and applying the Blood of Christ nothing can touch or harm us…our heavenly father is right there to protect us because we are on his path…blessings to you all

  3. I’m grateful for your transparency Priscilla!
    I’m grateful to our Lord for this platform of encouragement!!
    I don’t eat out much anymore because of persecution. I went to a Perkins with a friend not that long ago. The waitress was cold to me, but not to my friend, I’d never met her before in my life. I told her I wasn’t sure what to order, her sarcastic response was, “Maybe you should pray about it!!”
    Since I entered into covenant with the Lord I’ve become accustomed to the reality that the world hates me, just like it hated Him. Every wound and deception within those who are asleep and oblivious is an avenue for the evil one to inflict his hatred toward God our Father unto His beloved children.
    I could go on and on about the witchcraft battles. The mind control Spirit has it’s ugly tentacles wrapped around the whole world, they’ve truly no idea what they’re doing, nor did I, until He woke me up.
    We, His Forerunners, will be the vessels used in the outpouring of His Living Water upon the earth….Oh, it will be a sight to behold!!
    I’m glad we’re in it together Priscilla!!
    God bless your beautiful heart!!

    • Cherish, I, too, had a similar experience at a pizzeria out of the area of where I live.  I wear my silver cross necklace as a proud Christian.  As I was heading to the counter to pickup my order I passed their delivery guy.  He looked at my cross necklace and was shaking his head back and forth in disgust…in DISGUST!!  He didn’t say anything, but the way his face twisted up with hatred was both shocking and sad.  I still wear my silver cross necklace proudly and I will not let these demonic spirits shake me.  I thought the same thing, about how sad it is that the world hates me because I’m a Christian.  Satan is definitely busy in these days, but GOD WINS!!

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