Change is inevitable

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Change is inevitable

Change is inevitable, even when it’s unacceptable to those who don’t understand that God takes you from glory to glory!

Walking and growing into the spirit of excellence offends those that want you to remain in the box that let’s them know you without having a relationship with you.  When you grow outside their limited mindset of your character they will oppose your transformation and transition.

What is happening to you is unavoidable, if you are being elevated or promoted by God.  Each elevation, each promotion, created a new image, because change means to make or become different.

With that being said, embrace who you are because that is who God has made you to be and don’t limited the change because people want you to be who they want you to be!  God is not trying to mode and shape you into religion but into righteousness!

Religion remains the same, but righteousness keeps creating.  You can’t go from glory to glory and not change!

Dear ‘Never Walked In My Shoes’

Please do not come to me trying to give me advice about being a Pastor or leader, when you just got saved two days ago.

Don’t quote scriptures that you don’t understand, and have no knowledge of the revelation that is connected to them.  You haven’t even learned the reason why Jesus wept, and you now think that you’re an expert on the knowledge of God, after reading two books of the bible.

Please slow down before you get spiritually hurt trying to tackle situations that are beyond your range of knowledge, and your spiritual authority.  Without the approval of God, the understanding of His word, the wisdom of how to approach the people, the knowledge of His character, and the in filling of the Holy Ghost, you are an error that will harm the Body of Christ and cause you to self destruct.

Yes, you may be called and you may even be chosen.  You may have every gift, but without teaching, training, guidance, instructions and directions, you are an accident waiting to happen.

You haven’t established a prayer life.  You haven’t obtain a relationship with God.  Your character hasn’t been develop, and your attitude hasn’t been shaped.  All you have is a milk understanding of the Word and you are trying to fight demons and devils that have been assigned to meat eating persons.

One thing I am tired of hearing, is people say God is training them and they are all out of order saying and doing things that are contrary to who God is.

God will never train or teach you anything outside the order of His Kingdom or Word.  I’m sick of out-of-order people, trying to use scriptures to back up their renegade anointing.  People do not want accountability, because they want to be able to do and say what they want.  They don’t want correction or discipline in their lives.  All they want is to do their thing and expect those who are seasoned and know better, to be in agreement with their errors.

The things that people are saying that God is allowing them to do, is totally unacceptable to God, according to His Word.  No person who is yet sucking a spiritual bottle, yet wearing spiritual pampers, haven’t face one trial, haven’t gone through one test, has no experience, has not even had an encounter with God, has not even read the four gospels let alone the Bible, is going to every convince me that they heard the voice of God and that God told them to preach something totally opposite of what He has said or established!

These new Christians may be radical, but if you don’t have the wisdom, knowledge, understanding of God and His word, the enemy is going to defeat you.

Talking about you having the armor of God on, without having the wisdom of how it is to be applied to your life, and how to use it, defeats you.  Lack of understanding and lack of wisdom, has cause many to be beaten down in battle.

Before you go running off, before you go getting involved in battles and a war you haven’t been equipped for, get training get teaching.  After all, God wouldn’t send you on the battlefield when He knows you will be destroyed.  That makes Him look bad in the eyes of the souls He trying to win.

Stay in your lane and spare yourself the embarrassment of having to be sent back to school, because you are not qualified for the position you trying to apply for!

NOTE: Some of you would be alright if you would stop letting these zealous prophets speak a word to you, that is beyond your calling.  Stop letting people put you in dimensions and callings that you never belonged.  Stay where God has you at, and when He is ready to promote you, He will.  After all promotion comes from God not man!


Giving with Honesty and Integrity

Never tell your leader that you can’t give to the kingdom, and then go out to eat with then and spend almost one hundred dollars in the restaurant.

If advancing the Kingdom and helping to spread the gospel so souls can be won to The Lord is not more important than your stomach, then they need to cast that glutton spirit out of you.

There are those in the Body of Christ who complain about why there are ministries that struggle often times.  It’s because those called to the ministry give everything, but their money.

Yes, the leader trusts God, but if God has sent you to be a help to a ministry, that help should also include you sowing seeds into the kingdom work of God!

Pew Based Leaders

Leaders, you can’t lead if you’re sitting in the pews too.

As God elevates you, your accessibility becomes more sheltered by The Lord.  He brings you away to keep the noise of the people from being a distraction.

You have to transition higher to continue to accommodate the growth of the people.


~ Apostle Barbara R. Thomas

Apostle/Prophetess Barbara R. ThomasApostle Barbara R. Thomas is founder of I Come to Heal Ministries, A Woman’s touch Ministry, The Next Dimension Global Outreach Ministries and Spoken Word School of Ministry and she is on a mission travelling the world proclaiming the Gospel for soul to be won to the Kingdom of God. She has a mandate on her life to help brings others to their divine purpose.

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