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Civil War Coming to America — Again! — 6 Comments

  1. Repenting & Getting right with GOD, is AMERICAS only hope, but because of her “pride” that keeps her from seeking The LORD.  I fear GOD’s judgement’s are here and moving forward.

  2. If my people who are called by my name, humble themselves, pray, repent, & turn from their wicked ways…Only then will I hear from heaven, and shall restore, heal and bless their land……Saith the LORD.

  3. A Judgement from God is unfolding and is the same against the USA as was declared in Ezekiel 3-6 against Israel. This was revealed to me by The Lord in mid July 2020 during Sunday service at church. I told my pastor this is what God has showed me in a still small voice. This is because of the sin against God and His people who’s hearts have turned away from Him to follow their own perverted ways – who’s hearts are set towards Pan Social Communism; where anything goes including conjuring the demonic and having sex with demons.

  4. Today is 8/29/2020 & we are facing another election where the Christian values we believe in are being threatened!  This prophetic word given by Prophet Ken Dewey prior to the 2016 Election of President Trump is coming to pass in a greater way!  The “Ekklesia” must rise up & unify in voting for GOD’S CHOICE!  Pray like never before!

  5. Just as He gave this victory tto America so shall we in Nigeria see same victory over Islam and occultism in my country.His purpose for Africa and Nigeria is unstoppable in Jesus Name Amen

  6. And with all humility I say it is these kind of opinions of men that has allowed for wars of all kind and the judgement of God to be executed. No one man or woman can start engage in or end war….just as the Bible says you argue and quarrel because you do not have what you want. It’s high time to pray and only pray for God’s mercy and His imminent return and for believers to recognize these evils upon the earth as proof we are indeed walking the last miles in this life. Quit choosing sides and pointing fingers because God is judging a nation not a political party.

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