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God’s Grace is Bigger Than You Think! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you, Priscilla.
    Once I was a very happy, fearless woman. I always loved and stretched my helping hand out to others even when did not love me or had obvious problems with an open-minded person. I helped them, over and over, but then JEALOUSY AND GOSSIP was following me by many of them. I saw much pride and arrogance and had to avoid many Jezebels.
    It is a lifelong struggle, NOT getting influenced by the system of playing games, and NOT acting like the mainstream does. As we all know – churches are meanwhile a playground for psychological mindsets. When you warn or admonish – or just clear things up how they really were –
    they want to get rid of you or try at least to bring your past up.
    I can say – I do NOT have that messy or ugly past, as many wanted to press over me as a permanent oppression.
    Children are suffering from kindergarden on under public falsehood. They can`t handle it easy. They need our help. Seniors are also suffering amidst the system that they were all creating together.
    Too many did not open their mouths decades ago, and avoided “conflicts” for a good common life under God`s rules. All were looking for their own wellbeing. A modern disease. And we see – it has settled down in the churches, even in the online church. All speak and write about love. But TRUE LOVE is missed. Those who speak “against” those systems, for making it better together – those are the most rejected and avoided people. This had been always so. And sadly many had been denounced or murdered. Look how many in Bible were cast out or killed. I am sorry that I have no easier message today. I must write this.

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