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A Clarion Call For Warriors! — 4 Comments

  1. I just want to tell you sister that this was a much needed word. I COULD NOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME POINT OUT WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY BODY. LIKE MY BLOOD WAS CLOGGED in my legs AND I COULDN’T WALK BARELY. Im stil young so I don’t know why my body is lifeless for no reason, I mean it hurts so bad in my legs.  Has my joy been zapped? Yes! Lots of warfare and disappointment. And every time I got happy and full of job, here comes the devil to make sure I don’t stay happy.  I will answer the call, forever! I played prayers that route demons all day, and prayed the prayers on this site. It worked.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR OBEDIENCE.

  2. Mary,

    A much needed post. And thanks for posting the scriptures- took a screen shot of ’em, to put on my phone screen -so it’s the first thing I see. Blessings – Elizabeth

  3. Mary, thank you for this needed post to the Body of Christ today. It is strengthening for us.
    I have read all these scriptures Have prayed, declared and proclaimed this prayer. We do not need to lose our Joy as the joy of the Lord is our strength surely!
    Now going to play this song. God bless you sis. ❤️

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