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  1. You are no longer under the requirements of the law but you are under Grace.

    My husband and I have a long and fiercle tested journey of faith with our four kids since more than 40 years! The tests were in all areas of life!
    We often stepped out of the boat of security and always longed for more of HIM.

    Yet until today we were not able to step beyond the veil for a deeper intimacy with HIM. Soo many still unffulfilled prophecies still not fulfilled, – instead pain, physical problems……We so long for a deep encounter with HIM, see HIM, fell HIM……, as we have grown old over the waiting and rading all the many promises in HIs word.

  2. I’m reminded, when I read this post, of a time about 25 or so years ago when I had been faithfully walking with the Lord. I had invited Him into “just about” every part of my life and had thrown away “just about” all of the old. But that little bit I was holding onto was enough to take everything I held dear and had worked so hard to achieve. At the threshold of falling backwards I remember a night where the Father, from night to morning, over and over and over, kept repeating, “I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you….” He knew even then how far I would fall and how much I would lose…..my marriage, my oldest child, my home. I plunged into the depths of hell and worshipped there for 15 years before He pulled me out and all He could say, over and over, was I LOVE YOU!! This post feels the very same way, like the Father saying over and over again I love you……I desperately needed this today. What He’s about to heal, deliver, and rescue me from has been battering and abusing me all night…..again, but now, I can hear Him saying over and over again, “I love you.”
    God bless your beautiful heart Deborah!!
    Thank you Abba Father!!

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