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  1. Lord I embrace your grace and teach me how to truly live. Give me your way of thinking to understand and rely on you, Lord, lead me to experience your faithfulness and love on the journey to the future, and always choose to activate my trust and confidence in you. Amen

  2. Father, I repent for rejecting any part of You. Help me to see the truth of who You are so I can accept and receive all of You. I also repent for partnering with division. Teach me how to help others see the truth and accept all of You that we may operate together in unity and be that unstoppable force against evil. In Jesus’s name, amen.

  3. Yes Lord,
    I trust in you .
    LORD,I allow you to show that and i belong You and in community with others.
    We together
    growth, love, and acceptance.
    Yes Today I declare, I belong in the grip of that love because i also are a part of the body of Christ. Amen

  4. Lord, your voice heals me. For me, your words embrace and comfort me, making me sweet, happy and joyful in any situation.
    Anxiety removed, my wounds bandaged.

    Thank you for the Holy Spirit who lives within us and transcends all our understanding.

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