Come to the Light


“Come to the Light” a song came to mind by Kevin Prosch:

“Come to the Light, Come as you are, You can be the friend of God, Humble yourself, here in your heart He will meet you where you are !  I’m standing here to testify, of all You’ve done for me !”  In one of the refrains he sings  “Clap Your hands oh GOD !  Clap Your hands oh God !”

The Lord spoke:

I’m clapping My hands !  I’m clapping my hands over you!  I am putting an end to some of the warfare.  There is a new warfare coming.  But for this time, I am making a way for those who are called to rise up in this hour and take the land to go forth.  I am pouring out fresh wine and oil and I will make a way in the wilderness for those who have been in a desert time.  I will give you fresh waters to drink from and you will be REFRESHED and RENEWED in your love for Me, and your love for what I am calling you to do.

The enemy has been busy causing discouragement and despair, and boxing in those whom he knows I will use in this hour.  He has tried and tested, but now I will allow you to come forward and take a sheet of paper out of My hand.  Written on this paper are your orders.  And as you take them into your hands and HEARTS, there will come a commensurate anointing for what I am calling you to do.  I am pouring MY LOVE and power into you so that you can do all things I put before you.

Now you know the enemy also tries to put things in your mind to do, so you will remain so busy as to not have fellowship with ME.  But I will show you what is ME, and what is distraction if you but ask ME.  Some of what he tries to set before you will sound good.  But it will not yield FRUIT.  It will be in opposite direction to My will.  So you need to really hear MY heart.

He is busy trying to keep bound up My seers and prophets, but know that I am going to do such a change in My own, that he will be made a spectacle before you.  If you are doing what I will for you sometimes there will be opposition, but now I will overcome the opposition so that nothing can stop the flow of abundant LIFE from MY throne to those who are hurting and lost.

GRACE,  GRACE,  GRACE will come to you, and you will find favor in all you put your hands to when it is the route I’ve chosen !  Do not think you can put My stamp of approval on things YOU plan.  I am ADONAI.  I am your Master and Lord, and only I know what is ahead of you.  I know what is best for you.  I am standing beside you, and have not, and will not go anywhere.  I promised to NEVER leave you or forsake you !

Changes are coming. CHANGES ARE COMING !  LOOK for them !  Anticipate them !  Surprises and suddenlies will overtake you !  Nothing will ever seem the same again.  You will see with NEW EYES, things your heart has longed to see.  But without the right heart, I cannot let you SEE.  For when you have a wrong heart, it skews what you see.  You do not see it clearly, but it can be misinterpreted through a cloudy lens.  I am closing the door on some things you have done and opening doors in new things I have promised for you to do.  BE ready for changes.  Get ready to be apprehended in a most delightful way !  I know how to delight My children, even as you like to delight yours.

When you feel like you don’t know something, ASK.  For I have all the answers you need.  If you don’t understand, I am the Spirit of understanding and wisdom.  I will be pouring out MORE anointing from the 7-fold Spirit that will shock and amaze many !  UNBELIEF will be dealt a death blow !  Speak the Word of LIFE and it will become LIFE !  Honor ME, and I will honor you !  Do not give in to cowardice and intimidation of this world, for I am longing to demonstrate MY LOVE to a lost and DYING world !  Be the salt of the earth !  REMEMBER every day, My LOVE for you my sons and daughters.  DWELL in thoughts of that love.  Meditate on My love !  Do not give in to any deceit about Me cutting off My love from you.  My LOVE NEVER FAILS !


~ Priscilla

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Come to the Light — 2 Comments


    • Dear Edie,
      You won’t find it, for as we understand it, it is not true.
      The Bible says there are things we can do which will incur our names being blotted out of the Book of Life.  See Revelation 22:23 for this principle.
      Philippians 2:12 says “my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, cultivate your own salvation with fear and trembling.”  In other words, we need to work out our salvation. 
      Yes, we are saved by Faith, but to remain there we need to be changed – become a new man who is in this world and not of this world, as evidenced by the fruit we bear as a result of working out our Salvation.
      Please have a look at this video by Pastor Paul Washer who is much more eloquent than I on this:
      Blessings in Christ,