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Corrections are Still Needed Today in the Churches (Updated) — 6 Comments

  1. Dear Chaplain Joyce-

    You have been obedient, my sister, to faithfully deliver His Word. I can confirm, witness, to your post.

    For so long now, I have been hearing ‘prepare…tough times ahead’. No fear -just a ‘knowing’. I’m in peace, yet we know what we know by the Spirit. So many dont want to believe, that God would take the Church out of (spiritual) Disneyland. The endtimes are not a party atmosphere – it is a spiritual battlefield (think Macabees) for the souls of earth.

    The true gospel- as the Church teeters at the door of endtime events colliding- is to share the ‘whole counsel of God’. Preparing people for the time of Jacob’s trouble, the 70th Week,soon days ahead.

    He will fill us w/ His presence and supply the manna of His presence, daily.

    The apostate Church will always be offended by holiness. Truth requires repentance and vision. No rose colored glasses. A lukewarm gospel will take out 30 and 60-fold christians more quickly than persecution ever could.

    The persecuted church in other places, these places are thriving and growing. The miraculous is a daily occurrence – b/c they’ve lost everything in the natural – but they have all of heaven.

    When Gabriel blows the Shofar, and the King returns, I pray we be found standing in truth.

    • Elizabeth, I’m so glad it was a confirmation to you. You brought out so many true, good points of the shape the church is in today.
      Just to know I feel a strong kinship to you, even though we haven’t met. I pray if we are to meet on this side, the Lord will bring it all about. Many blessings on your day sis. The Lord sees all your ‘Sacrifices.’ I feel that very strong to tell you that in the spirit. It is bringing tears to my eyes. Thank you and much love, Joyce ❤️

  2. Amen Sister! I feel the Lord putting this urgency in my own life for awhile now! Praise God for His truth. It’s time we all realize as God’s children, what we do, both Good and bad, right or unrighteous effects everyone in your circle that God has placed you, or me in. We must have the holy fear of God, to walk as He would have us. Not just for ourselves, it effects all God puts in our path, or circle. Thank uou for this word.

    • Mary, you are so right. All we do effects those around us. No one ever lives or dies just for themselves. Yes, to having the Holy fear of God! May we realize the eternal purpose God has for us all. We are to bring glory and give All glory to God! Are we learning to love like Jesus? Do we find our True identity in Jesus Christ alone? I have a piece to go but I know we are being perfected in His Great love. ❤️

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