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  1. Greetings Chris,

    The first time I heard the phrase “Jehovah Chebar – The Sword of the Lord” was a a couple months ago – in fact, that was the exact words in one of my posts on this website.

    So – I took note when your last 2 paragraphs above used the same. Words. We are on heavens countdown wheel. Verse I’m hearing even now is pray! as ‘mercy rejoiceth over judgment’. God desires to show mercy – but there needs be repentance. – Shalom-

      • Chris, This really grabbed me and I was actually shaking.“This shall happen very soon!” says The LORD. I truly believe it is much closer than anyone believes. Sandi

        • Thank you once again Sandi. I keep seeing a house of cards collapsing in my spirit. It is going to be sooner than people think.

          God bless you


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