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Covid: Urgent Call To Pray — 6 Comments

  1. Amen!  This foolishness indeed must not be allowed to continue, but this is a foolishness that has been stirred up by witchcraft working through fear.  We are up against not just foolishness but a wickedness from those powers who want to kill and to destroy God’s creation.  I believe a key is to authority in prayer is to repent concerning abortion, which has part of this destruction but been in place for longer than the last two years.

    • To make this last point even stronger, it has been reported that the “vaccine” has also caused still-births and miscarriages, ie., something documented as “spontaneous abortions”.  Thus, praying against this regime of “vaccination” and against the practice of abortion in general is essentially the same thing.

  2. “mRNA vaccines were rushed out to vaccinate people all over the world”

    Everyone can be convinced that this is not “rushed” nor hastily manufactured but secretly has been developed over many years to be released at the right time. First, the “digilitalization” must have become fully established so that all lockdowns, distancing etc could be implemented without great questions or resistence. The first sign of that governemts has been overtaken (or taken out and replaced ) is that the laws are broken as well that no governmentfear that the people will replace them next election.  It has been a overtake of governemnts by “AI” and “digital twins”.

    “the image(clone/digital twin) could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed. Rev.13:15

    • Eccl.3:18 says that man that is “the beast”.
      Rev.13:15 says they had “power”to make an image of the beast so the image could speak which speaks of the technological knowledge of making a clone and/or a digital twin.
      Remember who was interested in experiments on “twins”?
      If you can replace the “kings” and their guards with their look a likes (who are controlled by you) without anyone taking notice of it,then you don’t have to worry about any election. The Book of Daniel speaks as well about that extremely clever (technological)power that will arise in the end of times.
      I suggest that Daniel faint because the one he meet “in the appesrance of a man” is a transhuman. Who will not get sick of that?!

      It is serious times.

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