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The Gospel — Keep it Simple! — 3 Comments

  1. Good Morning Bro. Chris!
    Happy to know of your deliverance Ministry. I appreciate your post. I hope to know you better.

  2. Making the gospel too complicated may indeed raise a barrier to salvation, but the main problem today is the presentation of a soft, man-pleasing gospel, which cannot save, even though it may fill the pews.

  3. When I say I always,no matter circumstances keep ‘you shall not lie, not steal etc’ People use to ask ” uh,are you religious?!” When I answer “is not this for everyone?” They often look astonished, because they most often “think” that they do these things but when (gentle) confronted with someone that really do it,they got something to consider, and that is what the gospel is about,doing the Word not only “hearing” it and these small “seeds” you plant here and there is all you have to do. Just give a sedd and continue your walk with the Lord. It is very simple.

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