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Daily Cleansing: Surrendering Body, Soul, and Spirit to God! — 4 Comments

  1. Teach the Word woman of GoD. In Christ, we have a Better Covenant. Heb. 8:6 2Cor.5:1 Acts. 7:48
    Lord purify our hearts today…through the meditating and surrendering of your Word.

  2. I agree, it’s truly about “balance”.
    In my quiet time this morning, Holy Spirit reminded me of a movie called, ‘Inside Out’. It’s an animated movie about a young girl named Riley. And highlighted in the movie are the characters behind the “wheel”, so to speak. There’s Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Discust. And because of a traumatic event in Riley’s life they’re thrown out of balance. They walk through and encounter much to finally come back into order and alignment, at which time they’re given an upgrade. Whoever wrote this script is an absolute genius!!
    I was the “joy” in this script. No matter what was happening, no matter how bad things were around me, I developed the disfunction of holding myself and all around me together. It was a tall order for such a young child. I rejected sadness and anger and anything in opposition to the “feel good” emotions. This out of balance dysfunctional stronghold led to deadly addictions, dangerous choices, and much intense loss.
    For the past going on ten years now, the “joy lie” has been stripped bare naked to expose pain hidden so deep that only the surgical hands of an Omniscient Surgeon could remedy it. And all that you’ve shared her, and have been sharing lately, is exactly what this process has been. It’s been very painful and intense to say the least, but it’s a necessary “Season”. He won’t pour His Glory into contaminated vessels.
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

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