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  1. Thank you for posting, I wish I could see this in my personal life.  I’m close to God, talk to him constantly, repent, etc.  I manage weddings and will not work gay weddings.  Yet I see people around me doing the same work as me flourish, they marry gay men and women, have pride flags on their posts make a lot of $ so they can buy homes, etc.  As I struggle and still rent a tiny hole in the wall.  I’m good at what I do, I have many 5-star reviews but yet…I struggle while they flourish.  I’ve held on and had faith in the midst of this, but I’m tired.  Tired of working so hard and still living in a tiny space.  I don’t have a victim mentality at all, but I’m having a really hard time trying to understand.

    • Karen, You have made some wise choices for your life that God will honor. A Scripture came to mind. It was Gal. 6:4-6. In taking some time to sit with the Lord, He will lead guide and direct your path. You will know that you are doing the right thing before the Lord. In keeping your Focus on Jesus and not on another’s walk you will find rest and peace. Knowing the Lord is with you, and that you are honouring him even in your small place is a blessing..
      I will be praying for you Karen, Blessings

  2. Oh my Patricia, WORD! WORD! When He spoke this word, He did not leave one stone unturned! You covered it all as HE uncovered it! This part really spoke to me almost as a sum of it! “Their kingdoms of darkness are coming down. They shall not stand. Shortly My Children, great difficulties will come in the land. This tearing down will not come without cost. It will not come without loss, but these kingdoms must be torn down at all cost.Stand strong as one, Beloved, be true to My Name.” his has the Fear of the Lord moving on every line. Thanks for your obedient heart, my friend. There is so much here for intercessors to jump on1 Love and blessings my sister as we stand as ONE. Sandi

    • Bless you dear Sandi,

      Yes, I am going to study it myself and hear what He is saying and what we need to be praying. I am thankful for your heart for the Lord and your encouragement to the Body of Christ. Blessings, Patricia

  3. Patricia:

    I confirm every word, every word you posted. I’ve been hearing the same thing for quite some time.

    ‘The clashing of the kingdoms’ of light and darkness will not be without cost. You are so right. Every battle is costly, but to win the war, it must go on.

    Think of Israel now. She must, must, must defeat the Amalek spirit (that has hated her since Canaan days. When the enemy is intent on destruction, the only choice is to fight and live. In the natural, in the Spirit.

    Thank God we know who already won the war- King Jesus. We are on the right side.

    • Elizabeth, your confirmation is appreciated. We are truly in a war season and there is no choice, but to get in the battle. The Lord is really strengthening His people in this war season. Many of those spirits try to hide or change their face, but it is those same spirits that were operating thousands of years ago. Israel must stand and so must the church. Will do a little research on the Amalek spirit.  Thankyou for sharing. ❤️

  4. Patricia. I just read recently and as was trying to comment. A call came in, so I don’t believe I finished it.
    This is such a strong but good word we all need to read. What was coming to my spirit is we all need to take heed to our ways. Starting with me first, a re-examination of my own heart. May us intercessors continue to lay it all down at the foot of the cross. Jesus the Lord is worthy to receive our very best! Thank you for your faithfulness Hugs and blessings, Joyce ❤️

    • Hi Joyce. Thank you for your comment Joyce, you are right about that, and it always starts with us, and the Lord is having his intercessors do regular heart searches with the Lord. I also find the need to take communion more often. Yes, we need to lay it all down and come to a new place of surrender. He is so faithful to us how can we do anything but serve him gladly. Blessings to you dear sister.  Hugs and blessings to you also. Smile. Patricia ❤️

      are greatly appreciated.

  5. “Band together as one body, UNITY to do this is key in this hour. Walk in unity, love one another.

    Together as one Body tear the devils kingdom down, for there shall be another day.”

    Amen. It is time to fight back against the principalities and the powers of the world with the blood of Jesus. God prevails. He will give us His victory. Thank you for your precious prayer.

    • Greetings, yes, it’s time to pray and believe God for great and mighty things. It has always been my understanding that coming against principalities and powers is best done at the Lord’s leading when we are in a company of other strong believers. Meanwhile we can watch and pray and ask father for his wisdom and timing in doing so. In other words, we don’t just jump in when we’re on our own and go and attempt to do it because we will get backlash doing it in a company of believers called to do so brings results. I hope this makes sense. I appreciate so much your response. Blessings.

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