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The Dangers of Celebrating Halloween — 9 Comments

  1. The “Holy Day” is not found in a calender but in your innermost mind, because the Holy Day(in God’s sight)is when the Lord rules ALL your thoughts and actions. This is THE only things a Christian should pay attention to.

  2. Halloween as well as other horror in books and movies is a sign of human dubble Nature. One second she expresses sorrow when accidents of sudden death happens,the next second she find satisfaction and entertainment in horror and death. To “discern the spirits” is always about this,guarding your own mind by bindning your own thoughts to the Word.

  3. Amen to solid truth built upon God’s Word. Open their eyes Father God and show them Your Son. They are ignorant of the pure EVIL behind this pointless celebration of Helloween.

  4. I never opened the door for the annual candy begging game, but only one time, and only for the reason to tell 4 kids, I can’t give them candies because JESUS is LORD and we do not play this worldly game. So sad to notice neighbourhood kids doing this pagan game year after year. My child was an “outlaw” because I did not allow him to attend this demonic game. Eggs thrown against our home wall was the response by those “Christians”. I think their parents knew what the kids had in their pockets for revenge. Thank you for this article, dear sister.

  5. The word Halloween means All Hallow’s Eve that is the evening before All Hallows Day which was a sacred day for the early christian Church and still is for Catholic and Episcopal churches – like Christmas Eve only on All Hallows day it was a day set aside to pray for those in the family who had died throughout the year to ensure they would be in heaven with Jesus and to pray a prayer of thanks for the saints at the time .
    I am a Christian and do not celebrate Halloween .. I think the Americans have taken it out of it s original concept …..originally it did not have a lot to do with witches .. that is something that has taken off in America ..
    There is no need to celebrate it at all .
    the day coincides with early Celtic new year’s Eve when it was believed that on the night an old woman came out and hammered on the earth to make it freeze over … which of course it did going into the northern hemisphere winter . It was of course only an old legend nothing more .
    here in Australia we do not celebrate it at all and I am thankful for that .
    Meredith Australia

    • Since celebrating an “All Hallows Eve” is not biblical, I believe it was actually a “Christianization” of an earlier pagan festival – as were Christmas (almost certainly not the time of the birth of Christ) and Easter (not to be conflated with the Passover).  It would have emerged well after the Book of Acts, when the Church had lost its way, and that the present-day Halloween is a restoration in spirit, if not in detail, of an earlier paganism but without any of “Christian” trappings.

  6. 1 Corinthians 10:21
    New King James Version (NKJV)
    21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons.

    • Amen, Brother Brian! This passage of scripture hit me heavy. I am in total agreement with the Word of God!God bless you!️❤️

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