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Dare to Believe That Your Greatest Days Are Before You! — 8 Comments

  1. Thank you Lord that you truly take care of your people.  These words from the Lord carry so much glory and I am believing that the Lord will heal those in need of healing, both spiritual and physical.  The Lord is doing awesome miracles to those who call upon Him.  I am also believing for miracles of healing for me and my family.  Thank you Veronica for your beautiful heart towards the Lord and His precious body.  Much love to you!!!

  2. My Beloved, you need a deeper revelation of the Perfect and Complete Love that I have for you, then, and only then, will you will become unstoppable, a True Warrior who strikes fear in the heart of the enemy, and a real and present danger to the kingdom of darkness, and you will become as the Violent, who will take The Kingdom by force.

    Beloved, I have fashioned you for War, and made you a weapon in My great Arsenal.

    As you position yourself in Me, and place your life in My Hands, fully yielded and surrendered to My Way and Will, you will live in the fullest of blessing and My highest Purpose.

    Will you dare to believe that surely I have kept the best for last, and that your greatest days are before you?”
    The whole word is speaking directly to me too….!! I have been praying countless times since decades to have ab encounter with the Father heart of God to become such a warrior and delay has weighed us down, but we never gave up, not even in our 70 ties…!

  3. Yes & amen
    Dolly Parton just released a song from a dream she had called don’t make me have to come down there.  It’s a great song.

  4. Veronica-every word you have given the last two days
    is like it was a word directly to me. I sooo needed the encouragement. I fully believe we are on the brink of a mighty move of God.In the mean time i have been battling for my eye sight. Due to a condition of my retina(CRVO) I have been in a faith battle for a turn around. OH GOD I CHOOSE TO BELIEVE ,HELP ME IN MY UNBELIEF! – Thank you for the WORD

    • The LORD is probably restoring your eyesight. It always looks like the opposite at first in the natural. Just surrender to it. He knows what He is doing. Rest in Him and in what He is doing. He is in the process of restoring my eyesight too. God bless you.

  5. I spoke with the Lord before going to sleep last night, in prayer. He answered my prayers this morning through you, Veronica. Thank you Lord for responding, and thank you Veronica for your timely post!! God bless.

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