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A Joshua Generation — 10 Comments

  1. Sandi, this is such excellent exhortation. So enjoyed the read!

    This really stood out for me as excellent wisdom..
    “No two people have the same calling, so it’s imperative that you hear God’s roadmap for you personally and then commit faithfully to it!”

    Imperative we be our true regenerated self, by the blood of Jesus… Abiding in the calling God has placed on our lives, and not try to be a carbon copy of someone else. Love you much, Joyce

    • You are a fountain of knowledge dear Joyce but more than that, you are a wellspring of God’s wisdom that is always willing to exhort, encourage and express the Father’s encouragement and love. How the body of Christ needs more JOYCE’s today! Grateful to be your friend and humbly receive your input as we walk this narrow path AS ONE. Love you and bless you much! Sandi

      • Sandi, I just saw your reply. It is I who feels so humbled to walk with you. You have been such an encouragement up to so many!
        May God’s mercies every surround you and you walk with greater power and glory upon you from above! I love you sis.

  2. AMEN . Thank you so much Sandi for your Blessings. We receive it in JESUS NAME
    Great Grace to you and your family.
    GOD Bless you Abundantly.

  3. Thank you so much Sandi for this powerful, Spirit filled word. The proceeding word of the LORD. Confirmation of GODS encouragement to us. As young pastors taking care of the flock GOD has given us for the past 7 years. It has not being easy but we are pioneering and keeping our focus on the Vision. This word is so encouraging to us. Grace to you servant of the Lord.

    • Hallelulah Julie, I hear the Father say, the past 7 years were your appointed time and this year shall be your new beginning..and the fruit shall be seen and it will be greater than you imaged as it shall truly remain. He never said it would be easy but HE said it would be WORTH IT! Rejoice! for perseverance builds character and when character is proven it produces hopes and dear one, hope never disappoints. Romans 5:3-5. Much grace to you as well, Sandi

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