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Declare: Not on My Watch! — 3 Comments

  1. I need to take back the territory in my marriage. No devil can put another woman in my husband’s heart and mind and cause it to hinder our marriage ANY LONGER! Enough is enough!

  2. SOO GOOD!!
    One of my favorite things to pray and declare is, ‘Father, I exchange today the defeated at the Cross, and their plans, for the Victorious Spirit of Jesus Christ and the plans You have instead Father, plans which are for Good, and not for destruction. Plans for a future and a hope. Plans to bless, and not to curse. Plans to prosper. Plans to heal and completely deliver. Plans to restore and completely transform into Your Image. Plans to converge, infuse, and reconcile me (or family, community, city, nation…CREATION) to Yourself through the Completed Work of the Cross by the Power of the Holy Spirit. Turns out Father that, sure enough, Your Truth has already set me completely free, I AM Completely Free Indeed!! :D
    God’s beautiful blessings upon you dear sister. :)

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