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The Same Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow — 2 Comments

  1. Amen, Gabrielle. All I can say is Wow, wow and wow!

    This is so speaking to the fall season many are entering into in America for one.

    Just two days in my country now and I am feeling a real pull & push in the Spirit to align with all the new God is bringing forth!

    Not to even mention yet, Rosh Hoshanah. Glory to God!

    I am hearing from our Father:
    “Seasons, seasons, and more seasons, My child Gabrielle. For even I will use you more than you thought even possible.

    Humble your heart even more and I shall take you into Kings palances to bless the audience.

    Even so I would speak more: “You are already there and fully dont even know it yet.
    I have My all seeing eye on you daughter and love you I do.

    Bless the people, you are fully on tract”

    • Thank you Joyce for this word from our Father. I humbly receive all He wants to bless me with.  Interestingly I woke up this morning still in a dream but waking slowly and saw a door and heard a knock very audibly and it woke me right up.  Confirmation perhaps of the word your received from The Father?  I will pray more into this.
      Many blessings to you my sister,

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