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Declaring Our Strategic Advantage for Turnaround (Updated for 2023) — 26 Comments

  1. Thankyou Sandi for these awesome decrees and declarations…you are blessed and highly favored..keep up the good work..love and blessings from India

  2. Thank you Pastor Sandi for the reminders for declaring and decreeing God’s word over lives, as according to Isaiah 55:11 and several other scriptures.  Also, in Luke 10:19, Jesus reminds us of walking in the dunamis power of the Holy Spirit
    Luke 10:19 KJV
    [19] Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you.

    God Bless you!!

    • Thanks so much LeeTanya for your powerful confirmation. We must speak His word in the Authority He has given us as we walk in that dunamis power!! Many blessings to you, Sandi Holman

  3. For years I did the declaring scripture/standing on the word and it didn’t work. When I’d pray this way I felt like I was pushing a rock uphill. Then this year I asked God to give me the prayers to pray, send His Holy Spirit to pray though me and He would (!) which took a lot of that uphill pressure off. Someone I read once say that when the enemy was attacking they would ask Jesus to answer the door which means asking Jesus to take care of the enemy that’s attacking. Earlier this year I started doing that as well and in that giving the problem over to the Lord he then took care of it which again took pressure off of me. I don’t know why the whole declare or speak the word/take authority works for some Christians but not for me. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Seriously it’s to the point that when I read posts like this one that I feel less than or that my prayers are not good enough and I’m just sad. What am I not understanding? TY

    • Hi Staci please don’t lose hope. Keep doing what you were doing, keep on trying no matter what and don’t ever quit. You shall reap if you don’t quit. God bless you.

    • Dear Staci, I have read you comment many times and pondered my reply. I sincerely believe the answer to your question re: understanding perhaps lies in the opening paragraphs when the Lord defined what DECLARE really means. He actually was asking me if I understood the POWER of Declaring His word and this I believe is KEY: “You are literally operating in your Dominion Authority, as you activate the power of My Word,” You must accept the Authority and believe it in your heart that you and God are ONE in agreement and He is carrying out the word you have spoken as a declaration. Hope this helps. Blessings to you, Sandi Holman

      • Sandi, Thank you for the reply. I don’t quite get what you mean about “You must accept the Authority and believe in your heart that you and God are ONE in agreement and He is carrying out the word that you have spoken as a declaration”.  The Bible says that God will do what we pray IF it is His will. So what if we have the faith and the belief in God but that what we are praying is not in His will and the prayer is either not answered or not given the desired request?  All systems are saying that God is in this and you’re getting confirmations all over the place and you’re standing on the Word and declaring and then the opposite happens? I’ve tried the declare the word and have faith thing for over 20 years and I’m just not getting the desired results. It’s especially hard since I’ve done this in really bad emergency situations, for six years, commanding the problem to cease and it didn’t. I felt so helpless and foolish in those moments. Please pray for me cause this issue makes me really angry and I’m fighting bitterness often. Will pray about what you said. And thank you again for the reply. I appreciate it.

        • Oh Staci, I truly do hear you and maybe I didn’t make it clear enough. I probably should have added that we speak His word in faith believing and we declare it as well..the word says He establishes it. However, that doesn’t mean the enemy doesn’t challenge us and we must continue to bind and push back the enemy. I will gladly pray for you beginning now daily and if you will send me your email, I will email you anything the Lord shows me or gives me in intercession. You can email me at journeyofaheart@outlook.com. Are you located in the US? Just send me an email. Many blessings and prayers, Sandi

    • 我們腦中會出現很多意念,有些來自天主,有些來自自我,有些來自魔鬼。相信是一種入場券,當我們選擇負面的意念時,等同我們給魔鬼傷害我們的入場券。相反,當我們相信聖經的意念,等同我們把入場券給天主,天主便會幫助我們。天主是守序及尊重人的神,祂不會勉強我們選擇祂,但天主希望我們選擇祂。

      [ HKP : Google Translate : “Many thoughts will arise in our heads, some from God, some from the self, some from the devil. Belief is a kind of ticket, and when we choose negative thoughts, it is equivalent to giving the devil a ticket to hurt us. On the contrary, when we believe the idea of the Bible, which is equivalent to giving us an admission ticket, God will help us. God is an orderly and respectful God, who does not force us to choose Him, but God wants us to choose Him.” ]

  4. I’m now writing this list of announcements/decrees in my journal. There are some here that are new to me and I’m thrilled to be able to include them in my daily decrees. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Sooo Good!!! :)
    A few weeks ago I was up North staying at my brother’s, which made it impossible for me to get up and do my declarations and decrees, plus my brother and I were both very ill. So I laid where I was, and from 2am to 6am I decreed and declared from my bed.
    It wasn’t easy, as the oppression of the enemy there was quite fierce, but I drudged through it Sandi…:D
    When I heard my brother get up so did I. I went into the bathroom and suddenly I could feel the delight of the Holy Spirit and He spoke and said, “You will have it all!!”
    Now that’s big!!
    Because I know He’s a very BIG God, I decree VERY BIG THIN6S!! :):):)
    Your amazing Sandi Holman!! I can always relate to what the Father says through you, and I can’t thank you both enough!!
    God bless you beautiful lady!!

    • Thank you so much for your grateful heart and all you accolades but I can only say what God says and so be it. So good to know our hearts are in tune and alignment at all times, my sweet friend, Cherish. Love and blessings coming your way, Sandi

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