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  1. I believe the grid prophecy is linked to your most recent warning of a false flag…a planned cyberattack to invoke another lockdown (you had a warning of another lockdown coming quite a few months ago).

  2. Oktober 15th the LORD gave me the world “Titanic” also. He said “The ancer is going to be lifted” Titanic, before it goes down the rats will leave the ship”
    The Titanic supposed to be unsinkable, but down it went. It relied on being unsinkable and never saw what hit it until it was to late.
    He told me to look up the meaning of the name Titanic, it means “of exceptionel strength or power. Gigantic The LORD told me that there will be no life boats for the “higher uppers” this time. The only way of survival is to climb upon the Rock that hit you, otherwise you will drown.
    The LORD is after the entire satanic beast system.

    He also gave me “Triominos” and said that He is going to bring it down like domino but then like Triominos. Working from the outward circle into the inner circle. The game Triominos ik being brought on the Market by “Goliath”. Can you believe that!!!

  3. Gods morning Elizabeth Marie from England.  I have just watched a YouTube video which was first aired about five days ago which rocked me and I asked the Lord for confirmation.  Within minutes I was reading your word today about the New Madrid fault line split.  Please check out the message yourself.
    It’s called ‘let them know let them know’ by Karen Newbury read out on the YouTube channel ‘A last days messenger for Christ’ Blessings and thank you for your obedience.

  4. Personally I understand it eschatologically.
    I won’t elaborate further.

    Regards the Titanic. It is interesting that,

    The English word titanic, meaning “enormous, exceptionally strong, massive,” comes from the name of the Greek gods called Titans, the children of Gaia (Earth) and Uranus (Sky). The Titans were gigantic in size and incredibly strong; they ruled the world until they were overthrown by Zeus and the Olympian gods and imprisoned in Tartarus. Two of the most famous Titans are Atlas and Prometheus. You can read more about the Titans at Wikipedia.

    However this does not mean it is th interpretation either.

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