Deep Cries Out to Deep


This day I AM calling you forth, for you have tasted the water of salvation; you have received a touch, a fresh new anointing.

You have tested Me and proven Me in days gone by.  Many of you have come to the River of Life and entered in.  It is a day when DEEP IS CRYING UNTO DEEP.

My Spirit is calling you unto the deep things of the LORD.  This will cause you to decide to enter into the fullness of your salvation, the fullness of your healing, the fullness of your deliverance.  My ways shall become your ways; My thoughts shall become your thoughts.  Wisdom shall dwell within you for Deep cries unto Deep.

Return to the RIVER OF LIFE and dive to the very bottom of the river.  Submerge yourself in the GLORY of the LORD.  Enter into the Throne Room of God, for here is your dwelling place.

The Spirit of God will prolong your days and add good success to your activities.  Wisdom shall rule and reign in your heart, for I will extend Myself through you.  My Body is coming together.  Revelation is sobering your soul to line up with My Spirit to fulfill your purpose and your call.

So REJOICE!  Be strong in the deep riches of the LORD for I hide Myself within you.  For I have made Myself available to touch your heart as DEEP cries out to DEEP.


~ Doug Patterson

Doug PattersonDoug Patterson
is a Prophetic Warrior and Seer, often painting the visions given him by the LORD.  Doug ministers under an Apostolic Power Mantle resulting in Breakthrough, Healing and Restoration.  His Ministry, Power Encounters, equips and activates the saints to greater works in the Kingdom of God.  Doug and wife, Linda, are founders of Shekinah Restoration Centre and reside in Canada.

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Deep Cries Out to Deep — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you for your obedience to speak!  SUCH A CONFIRMATION!!!!  Grace and Blessings to you and your church family. Nancy Holste Fall City Washington