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  1. I’m posting an article on this individual mentioned, though the involvement with Illuminati can be found in most if not all well known ministries including charismatic and prophetic ones. To make it to a visible degree in radio, tv, etc, one must be involved with this group.  Praying eyes are opened to the deceit at work in our world.  Though it starts out slowly, the tainting of the gospel does occur over time.  Have studied this for years in the secular world (entertainment, politics, etc), and now the Lord has opened my eyes to it in ministries that I once followed.  They use hand signals, symbolism in conference and album artwork as well as decor and even lighting in sanctuaries to show their “commitment” to Illuminati.  As a result, they receive funding as well as visibility.  But they also must follow the agenda and even the message Illuminati wants spread.  This group is is of the anti-Christ spirit.  Blessings and thank you for the word from the Lord. http://anothervoicerev184.blogspot.com/2009/11/david-jeremiah-and-his-all-seeing-eye.html?m=1

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