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Deep Deception & Apostasy Within the Church — 6 Comments

  1. Here’s my question, if someone is clearly falling away, or we realize they behave much like 2 Tim 3 describes, is there hope for them? If they seem to have gone too far down the apostasy road, should we continue interceding?

  2. Praise God! Amen and Amen! God bless you, dear sister Mena Lee Jones! I embrace and receive this Word of the Lord Jesus Christ, the infallible Word of God! You are so right, God is always on point, this is so truth. I do believe that we all be accountable, for the things we do and don’t do.

    I’ve been hurt by many, but slowly, gradually, God is healing those wounds, feeling shunned by leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ, who don’t help, unless you mention about sowing an offering, then their attention is awakened. I understand that we are all responsible and accountable, but at times when you’re wounded, on the rebound in Jesus Christ, the enemy will use those closest to you – to bring confliction. I receive this Word and I thank you kindly.

    It’s true, a gate way is opened, where the enemy tries to come in your life like a flood, to cause more damage, anger, resentment, bitterness – even taking in a unforgiving heart, but these are tactics, antics he uses and if it seems that has no affect on the faith of a believer, he will use fear tactics of intimidating threats, harassment, with the intent to instill fear in the heart/spirit of the believer. God bless you and love you dear sister – I’m praying for everyone.❤️

  3. Wow! What a confirmation! Thank you. I have been led to a book written by a Christian man emotional healing made simple. I have been reading it and it’s a power pack the book on this subject God is working.

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