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Delay in the Severe Testings Coming to The Church — 2 Comments

  1. Sister I believe you, and thank you for posting these warnings. What you say lines up what is in the Word of God. Many blessings, Joyce McGuire

  2. The faith of the country is dependent on the score the church receives. So many just don’t believe they could be wrong about what they believe because so many others say the same things. Not knowing they are on that wide road. If what others think matters to you then you have failed already. This is not about the world or sinners. It is about what should be light but is darkness.
    If you would condem another because they don’t believe like you sin is at your door. It would be better to bite the bullet than the dust. The time is short and nearly upon us. The sister is right many warnings have gone out. Were we listening?

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